Strategy: Spine of Deathwing

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Bear with me, we’re almost through with Dragon Soul. This is nearly another lootship, but it’s more dragon-y.

  • Name: Spine of Deathwing
  • Raid: Dragon Soul
  • Tanks: 2
  • Phases: 3? Kinda?
  • Trick: Barrel Rolling Lootship.
  • This guide is for the normal encounter.

Here’s your first chance to punch Deathwing, you just have to squish him up a bit before being able to really take him down.

The goal here is to pop off plates of armor from his back without getting overrun with adds.

When you start the encounter, you’ll parachute down onto Deathwing’s back toward his tail, and there will be 4 tentacles called Corruptions up, in each corner of the platform you’re spawned on.  Your raid will have to choose a kill-order on these.

Those Corruptions will also Grip 3 players in 25-man encounters, preventing them from doing any damage.  Your raid will have to break the grips to release the players.  Typically in a 25-man raid with the current nerfs to content, 2 players is enough, with 2 back-ups in case one of your Grip breakers is gripped.  It only takes about 16-20% damage to break the grip, so your people assigned to breaking the Grips need to be aware of how much damage is being done, and be able to switch targets quickly.

Now, when a Corruption dies, it spawns a Hideous Amalgamation, and leaves an empty spot on Deathwing’s back.  The Hideous Amalgamation is the key to this encounter — he has a special role.  In that empty hole on Deahtwing’s back, he will also spawn Corrupted Bloods, which when they die leave a blob on the ground.  If the Amalgamation is run through that patch, he picks up a stack of an Absorb Blood buff.  At 9 stacks of Absorb Blood, the Amalgamation will start to pulse lots of damage, and eventually explode.

So how do all of these parts play together?  Well, let me break down the rhythm of this fight.

  1. Kill 3/4 of the Corruptions at the spawn.
  2. Wait for first Grip to happen.
  3. Raid will stack in designated empty spot on the dragon.
  4. Deathwing will do a roll, knocking off all of the adds.
  5. Raid spreads back out, kills remaining Corruption.
  6. Tank picks up Amalgamation, and holds it away from the raid.
  7. DPS takes Amalgamation down to approximately 30%, then switches to kill Bloods.
  8. Once 9 blood puddles are on the ground, Tank goes for a walk through the blood puddles until Amalg has 9 stacks.
  9. Tank moves close to the plate on Deathwing to one side, DPS kills the Amalg.
  10. Amalg, when health reaches 0 will cast an explosion, blowing off one side of Deathwing’s back plate. *Note* It’s important that you get as much distance between you and the exploding amalgamation – it will kill you.
  11. DPS immediately switches to the exposed Tendon on Deathwing’s back, and kills it.
  12. Plate flies off.
  13. Rinse, repeat.  Total of 3 plates.
  14. Profit.

As you can tell, this is a very rhythmic fight.  It will take some practice, but it’s not super difficult.  Pre nerfs on this fight, my raid would use personal cool-downs on the first exposed tendon, blow Heroism/Time Warp/Lust on the second, and anything you have left on the 3rd one.

What does a Hunter need to know?

Put your pet on passive.  You don’t want an errant pet DPSing a Corruption they’re not supposed to — they don’t have a ton of health, and that can be the difference in winning or losing this fight.  Hunters are excellent for breaking grips because we can do some excellent damage without relying on long-lasting dots.  I tend to get put on grip duty with a mage.  Stay at range as much as possible, and be very aware of the health level of the Amalg.  When it gets close to 30%, make sure you’re swapping and only killing bloods.

Hunter Loot from Spine of Deathwing

Visual learner? Cool.  Check out Learn to Raid’s video.

Good luck!


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