Disillusioned With Dailies and Buttons

Morynne —  December 12, 2012 — 8 Comments

So here we are, about 3 months after Pandaria launched.  I had extremely high hopes for the expansion, and I still largely think it’s a success.  The world is one of the most immersive we’ve seen thus far, and the stories are incredible.  For that, this is arguably my favorite expansion. (Burning Crusade still ranks pretty high up there for very different reasons.)

Though I have a confession to make: I have a very difficult time logging in to do anything.  This is partially due to to real life getting in the way, but that’s really due to my hectic schedule during the week — not taking into account the free time I have on the weekends.  For that, there’s really nothing stopping me from logging in.

Yet I still don’t log in for much other than raiding, re-posting my auctions, and doing the occasional pet battle.

In the first month or so of the expansion, I was religious with doing my dailies every day.  I sincerely wanted to grind through all the rep, and collect those charms of fortune for extra rolls on bosses, and was mostly successful, though as time wore on, and I reached Revered with Golden Lotus and it unlocked more dailies with the Shado Pan and the August Celestials, I found myself not caring anymore.  There’s just TOO much.

I keep telling myself I need to log in and do dailies for the charms, but I always find something else to do.

I know dailies are optional, and I’ve been taking full advantage of that — but I feel like I’m missing out on a bunch of stuff because of it.  I know I’m behind the curve on a lot of things because I just don’t have the time, or the energy to slog through all those quests every day.

With raiding, I like the encounters.  There’s really none that I can’t stand — they all have really interesting mechanics, and I find them fun.  What’s not fun is how many freaking buttons Hunters have right now.

Even the great GC has said that hunters have too many buttons.

We don’t think hunters need a massive revamp (beyond range and ammo changes they already have). They do have too many buttons.

There are a massive number of cooldowns that hunters need to manage, and limited viable macro situations to ease that.  I am so glad that Blizzard did decide to remove the Aspect toggling from Hunters, as it was clunky and created (yet another) button to manage.

From an experience perspective, the raids are fun, but I find that the complexity of the class, while fun for some, has become burdensome for others, and has caused me to not enjoy the raid encounters as much as I could.

So the long and short of this story is that while I largely enjoy Pandaria, I’m not super pleased with the way Hunters are designed this expansion (while not super different from Cata, they did add a lot more cooldowns with talents and core abilities), which is a big reason why I haven’t been updating terribly often.

I want to love the game, and my hunter again, and will continue to post sporadically, but will likely be in more of an editorial fashion for the time being.



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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

8 responses to Disillusioned With Dailies and Buttons

  1. I love the expansion too. While I’m not sure I agree 100% about the dailies system (I kinda like the variety), I do think you are dead on concerning “button burden.” It’s definitely become a fun-killer for me (especially so since I’m a dedicated MM). So much so that, in spite of how much I love Pandaria, I’m not logging on as much simply because I dread working myself to death.

    I’m really glad to see recognized hunters like yourself speaking up about it. It’s something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

    As alwasys, thanks for doing what you do, Morynne.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I probably need to change my strategy for dailies (like focus on one to exalted) instead of trying to do all the dailies whenever I can, but I think I truly burnt myself out on them at the beginning of the expansion. I agree that the variety is nice, but there’s just *so many*

      Button fatigue is a real thing. By the time a raid night is over, I’m getting a headache and know that I haven’t performed as well as I could, just because there’s too much going on. Doesn’t stop me from trying, I just feel like some simplifying of cooldowns needs to happen – sooner than later.

      • Agreed.

        I’ve done the math, and I’ve concluded that the risk of MM Hunter related Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has increased by 67.2% since the launch of MOP.

  2. Before Pandaria was even released I didn’t like the hunter button explosion. I was also sick of all the new pets I HAD to tame so I took a newly 85 shaman into pandaland instead and my 4 year main hunter is still 85.

    And I’m glad I did.

    You sound like you need a change.

  3. Sadly, I rarely log in to WoW now, maybe an hour or two a week. I feel like Warcraft left me instead of the other way around. I would log in most days like i used to if there was something compelling to do in game, but instead my choices are to do dailies (chores), dungeons with what seems to be the worst drop rates ever, or scenarios because it’s been 2 months and I cant get a 463 item score to do Raid Finder. Dailies to me are like virtual pets, you do all this work and invest your time and in return you get to have “virtual” fun, not real fun. So, like most of my WoW gaming friends, I’ve been playing Halo 4.

  4. I love the sheer amount of buttons! If I wanted top dps with a one button macro, I’d be a mage. :-)

    No seriously, you really don’t have to use all these buttons. You can eliminate them at only a small dps loss. Delaying them at busy times, will hardly hurt dps, and let’s be honest unless you are doing progression raiding you don’t need the dps either.

    Let’s not forget the game is about fun. I like complexity and difficulty. Personally I also don’t think it is too hard anymore. Most of these buttons became within a few weeks automatic more or less. Priorities are – still not 100% perfect, but close – build in my fingers by now.

    If you don’t like complexity, role a mage…

  5. There are quite a few available macros – if you look on the forums of the usual suspects – to simplify things.
    Time is one thing, but I would hate you not to want to log in. I do. In fact, I wish I could log in more often.
    Chin up.

  6. Yeah I know I’m pretty late, but here’s my voice. In Cata MM rotation wasn’t too hard to handle if you wanted to be a top DPS. It wasn’t the buttons really it was making sure you had the haste plateaus down and timing your rotations with the GCDs smoothly with the haste which I had down to a fine art. Now its all that, plus 3 more freaking buttons. Albeit they do have CDs which last a little while so you can go to the normal rotation and use them when they’re up, but it is hectic. However, I seem to like it more, it makes me feel like a pro mashing these buttons in a synchronized fashion. In Cata I was bored with the rotation, now it keeps me on the edge of my seat. I will never stop playing MM even if it was nerved to all hell, I love it.

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