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With the onset of 4.3, I felt it was appropriate to talk about an add-on that isn’t complicated, but gives a lot of functionality to making sure that your group or raid has the best spread of buffs possible.  The configuration is simple, and really just depends how you want it to integrate with your UI.  There are hooks for DataBroker, so it’ll work with your FuBar or other bar handler, and there’s a button, and a mini map icon if you like to roll that way.

Here’s what the developer has to say about Raid Checklist

RaidChecklist provides an at-a-glance overview of which core Cataclysm buffs, debuffs, dispels and crowd control abilities are available in the raid at the moment, and what class/spec/pet could bring each.

It doesn’t try to be a full-featured raid planner, but is instead targeted at those who want a more casual add-on which can assist them in putting together a balanced raid on the fly. It is also very useful for hunters wanting to pick a pet to fill a void in the abilities otherwise brought by the group.

Raid Checklist Features

  • Compact display in color-coded list format.
  • Shows a count for each ability where it’s provided by more than one player, giving even better overview with even a quick glance.
  • Mouse-over an entry brings up tooltip with information on what classes/specs/pets can bring the (de)buff.
  • Clicking an entry opens a detailed information panel on the abilities for that entry.
  • Ability to specify which groups to include in the check, while still seeing what the excluded groups could bring.
  • Hides behind a freely movable button when not wanted.
  • DataBroker integration, and an option to hide the normal button.
  • Keybinding and chat commands (/rcl or /raidchecklist) to toggle the checklist.
  • Updates automatically as pets are summoned or dismissed.
  • Inspects group members “in the background” to obtain their talent information without needing any player interaction (other than being in inspect range).
  • Uses the LibGroupTalents library, enabling faster sharing of talent information with other players who also run addons with said library.
  • Option to specify in which direction the list appears relative to the button. E.g. “Up, Left” or “Down, Right”.
  • Hunter Only View - Raid Checklist

    Hunter Only View - Raid Checklist

    Class Specific Buff Lists

    • Per-class check-lists are available, showing only the abilities of that class. Use either for personal improvement, or as the raid leader to remind yourself of what abilities a particular class would bring.
    • Hunter & Warlock Pet Mode. For the hunters and warlocks who don’t have to worry about full raid composition and only want to make a smart pet choice. Only shows the abilities which can be provided by a pet.
    • Also aware of a hunter’s callable pets, not just the summoned one. Abilities available only from a callable pet are marked in blue. This is only applicable to the hunter himself/herself – this information is not shared to other users of RaidChecklist. To activate this feature you need to visit a stable master once.

I absolutely adore raid checklist.  I’m not a raid leader, but I do like to know if I need to change pets to fill in a critical buff for the group.  I have not used the hunter-only mode, but the standard list gives all the same information — just in a raid-comprehensive list.

If you’re interested in making sure you’re doing everything you can to provide to your group or raid, I recommend picking up this add-on.  Normally this would be where I cover the pros and cons to the add on, but I can’t think of anything bad to say.  Download it!

Add-on Hunting with… PowerAuras

Morynne —  September 11, 2011 — 3 Comments
PowerAuras - Marksmanship by Morynne

All visible

Power Auras has long been a staple for many, but it can be a little daunting to set up — and frankly that’s the reason why I stayed away from it, but after having taken the time, I’m a believer.  I’ll have an export of my auras at the end of this post.

Here’s what the developers have to say about PowerAuras Classic:

This addon was created to provide visual cues (auras) when you gain buffs, debuffs and many more. Very useful for shorts buffs or debuffs, it allows you to draw in the center of the screen, or around your character, very customizable visual effects, rather than having to look at or mouseover buff/debuff icons/actionbars.

Initially created to give visual cues for short duration procs like “clear casting” or some boost trinket you activate, many more aura triggers have been added since. It now works with debuffs (whatever their name), debuff types (like Magic or Curse), combo points, harmful area spells, weapon enchants, Health, Mana, Rage or Energy thresholds, action cooldowns, aggro, pvp status and stance or shapeshift form.

There are virtually limitless things you can track with Power Auras, and if you set up too many things, I’m sure it gets overwhelming.  For my testing, I set up auras for Rapid Fire, Potion of the Tol’vir, Synapse Springs, Heroism/Time Warp/Bloodlust, Serpent Sting, Kill Shot, Careful Aim, Call of the Wild, Improved Steady Shot, Ready, Set, Aim…, and last but not least, Burning Adrenaline (Tier 12 4-pc bonus).  For the most part, I’m focusing on optimizing how quickly I get information when I’m a Marksman.

So let’s start breaking this down, shall we?

Serpent Sting AuraSerpent Sting Aura

This aura is only visible if Serpent Sting isn’t up on your target during combat. Knowing when your Serpent Sting falls off the target is important because going too long without it, you end up nerf-ing your own DPS because you won’t have the additional damage from it.  Chimera Shot automatically refreshes it, so you should only be seeing this aura during  hard haste phases where you’d be reverting to Aimed Shot/Steady Shot hard casting.

Careful Aim and Kill ShotCareful Aim and Kill Shot Auras

The white aura in the thumbnail is what is seen for the Careful Aim phase.  This is important to know because it will help you know when you can and should use your Rapid Fire when those Aimed Shots count the most.  The red face is when Kill Shot is available to be used, and pulses until it’s back on cool down so it draws more attention.  You’ll never see both of these auras at the same time, except during testing.

Rapid Fire, Synapse Springs, Potion of the Tol'VirRapid Fire, Synapse Springs and Potion of the Tol’Vir Auras

These are clearly the DPS cool downs.  I’m an engineer, so I included Synapse Springs — but it could be reassigned to whatever you like.   The red is Rapid Fire, green to the right is Potion of the Tol’Vir, and left is Synapse Springs.  It’s important to know when these are going because, provided Rapid Fire, you’ll be changing your shot priorities.

Heroism AuraHeroism Aura

This is also pre-programmed to handle Time Warp, as well as Bloodlust, so it’s not set in stone for just the Alliance with a Shaman in the group.  On the list of important things to know for 2 reasons:

  1. You typically won’t want to stack your haste buffs.
  2. You’ll be changing your shot priorities based on haste.

Call of the Wild, Improved Serpent Sting, Fire!Call of the Wild, Improved Serpent Sting, Ready, Set, Aim… Auras

For most people, their Ferocity pets will likely be auto-casting Call of the Wild — and there’s nothing wrong with that, I just like to know when it happens.  That’s the runes over to the left.

The center section of runes is Improved Steady Shot.  This just helps keep me in check to make sure it’s active all the time.  This one I have always showing when ISS is up, and if it drops off, i know I need to do 2 Steady Shots to get it back up and rolling again.

The right set of runes is tracking my  Ready, Set, Aim… stacks — and the numbers give me a count of the buff.  When I hit 5, the standard Blizzard popup still happens to let me know it’s time to take my free Aimed Shot.

Burning Adrenaline AuraBurning Adrenaline Aura

This is excellent to know because it will better help your focus management.  You get your next Shot or Kill Command for no focus cost. I don’t have my 4-pc at the time of this posting, but I know it’s something I will want to be tracking when it eventually happens.

The Configuration

Main ConfigIt’s daunting, and there’s so many things you can do, but it’s not so bad you can’t figure it out.  Grab a beer, be patient and just start playing around with the options.  There are over 250 different textures you can use as an aura or you can add your own.  Limitless colors, plus intro animations, exit animations, and sound notification options.  You’ll be able to configure just about anything and everything you could want.

Aura BrowserTo get to the meat and potatoes configuration, click on “Open Aura Browser”  (or type /powa)and you’ll see the next screenshot.  To create a new aura, click new.  To edit an aura, click the one you want to edit, and click the edit button.  The Move button lets you move the aura to a different page in the configuration — say if you wanted all your characters to show the same aura for Heroism, put that in the Global effects.

You can also import auras from other people, or export your own to share with whomever you’d like.  The testing and Hide all buttons do just that — they let you see the auras without actually having to be in combat.

Aura EditorOn the Edit screen, you’ll see it’s a little scary.  The aesthetics of the aura are toward the upper half of the config, and what it indicates, and how it behaves are handled in the bottom with the tabs.   I’m pretty good at it, but even I know I don’t use everything that this add-on could possibly do.

Pros to PowerAuras Classic

  • Limitless configuration options
  • Track as much as you’d like, or as little

Cons to PowerAuras Classic

  • Daunting configuration options
  • No save option built into the Add-on. (True story, I set everything up once, and the power went out while I was logged into the game — lost everything.  Once you have your auras set, make sure you log out to save your work!)

Overall I’m going to say give PowerAuras a try.  If you want to totally customize your own auras, be prepared to be there for awhile.  Sit back, relax, and get creative.  You can make it as crazy and outlandish as you’d like.

Morynne’s Auras are available on this page.

If you have any auras you’d like me to create and add into the package, let me know! I’ll be happy to make it work with the rest of my auras.

Do you have an add-on you’d like me to check out? Put it in the comments.

No, I’m not dead.  Life took over.

I’ve spent probably about a month with MisdirectionHelper2, and I really like it.  It saves me from having more than one macro for misdirecting, and makes the whole process very painless.

Here’s what the author had to say about the add-on:

  • Intelligently creates and self modifies your misdirection / tricks of the trade macro for easy control of your misdirection / tricks of the trade ability.
  • Unique LDB / minimap button tooltip that allows for quick misdirection / tricks of the trade assignments that auto adjust your macro on the fly.

Using Misdirection Helper 2

Set your misdirection / tricks of the trade target using either the LDB dropdown menu, or the dropdown menu from the minimap button. Misdirection Helper will create a macro in your character specific macros. Just drag this onto your action bar and use when required. If you change your misdirection / tricks of the trade target using the dropdown menu, the macro will automatically update.

From version it is possible to set two targets. Left click on an option in the dropdown menu to set one target, right click on an option to set a second target (doing the same on Clear Target clears the relevant target). When you use the macro, left clicking will misdirect / tricks of the trade to the target set from the dropdown menu (left click), right clicking will target the target set from right clicking the dropdown menu. Holding down the shift key whilst clicking the macro should cause it to behave as though you had just click the standard misdirection / tricks of the trade icon on your action bar.

Please note that you cannot change your misdirection / tricks of the trade target during combat as addons are prevented from modifying macros unless your character is out of combat.

Data Broker

Misdirection helper includes Data Broker support. This provides one click access to the interface and right click access to a drop down menu.

NOTE: To see the Data Broker features, you will need to use a Data Broker Display addon, such as BazookaButton BinFortress or Chocolate Bar.

All data broker options are also available via a minimap button.

The add-on itself is very easy to configure.  Assuming you have a Broker bar, you’ll see an addition to your bar with the MD icon and a name next to it, otherwise you’ll see the menu attached to your mini-map.  Click on that menu, and it’ll give you a target selection box.  Pick your target, and it’ll update an automatically generated macro.  Just drop the macro into your favorite MD location, and you’re good to go.

Pros to MisDirectionHelper2

  • Super simple MD management.
  • Up to 2 different MD targets handled by the macro.

Cons to MisDirectionHelper2

  • Can’t change the macros in combat. (Blizzard restriction, not the add-on)
  • If you tend to run 3-4 MD macros at a time, this add-on won’t handle them all.
  • No ability to negate either macro, and force normal usage of MD, creating the need to have another button for Misdirection.

Bottom line, the pro’s to using this add-on far outweigh the negatives.  If you raid or instance a lot, or even farm things on your own, this add-on will improve your quality of life.  Do I think this add-on is necessary? No, but it makes life easier, and I think everyone should try it out.

Do you know of an add-on I should check out? Drop it in the comments!

I’ve spent about a week with Serenity, and I can honestly say my life is better because of it.

Serenity, at the core, is a focus bar, but it does a lot more than that.  Here’s what the developer has to say about the core features:

  • Focus bar with tick marks indicating how much energy is needed for your shots. You can configure up to five custom marks, one of those being the main shot for your spec (changes when you respec or swap talents!).
  • Crowd control timers for anything you have under Wyvern Sting and Freezing Trap.
  • Misdirection module that announces who you cast misdirection on, whispers the target when you are actually transferring threat to them and will even warn them if they are mounted because you can not misdirect a mounted unit. This module also adds right clicking of unit frames to cast misdirection (normal right click functionality is still available by holding any modifier key with right click – ALT + Right Click, etc.).
  • Interrupt announces for Silencing shot and even Scatter Shot.
  • Item / Spell Timers. You can track the cooldown of any item, as well as the duration of a debuff (Serpent Sting) on your target, plus much much more.
  • Timers are also available as Icons (stationary) as well as moving time-line style.
  • Alerts for buff, debuff or cast of a given spell. (Think mini-power auras).
  • Enrage module that will inform you when a mob is under an enrage effect that can be tranquilizing shot off. There is also a frame to show the magic buffs on a target that you can possible remove for pvp.
  • Indicator for current Aspect, missing aspect, with the option to only show when missing. Also warns if you are using cheetah or pack in combat.
  • Indicator for Hunter’s Mark on target, warns if missing, low on time remaining, plus it can account for Marked for Death.
  • Bar smoothing to alleviate the “blocky” fill in of your energy bar.
  • Scare Beast indicator shows you when you can use Scare Beast.
  • Energy bar can change colors based on configurable amounts of focus to give you color indication of how much focus you have available or lack-there-of.
  • Profiles for multiple configuration for different environments (PVE / PVP / etc.)
  • Templates for Serenity’s base setup and look, as well as one that will use TukUI colors to match your TukUI interface schema.
  • Extensive in-game options for those that like intricate configuration.
  • Chat announces per environment for interrupts, misdirection, tranq removed buffs, etc.
  • Auto-shot swing bar and timer.
  • Boss current health percentage on energy bar.
  • Support for LibSharedMedia3 for sharing textures with other addons.

I’ll be honest, I turned off the cool down portion of the mod — just because I have a different cool down mod I really like.  The focus bar, given my recent switch back to Marksmanship, is helping me learn when I can afford an Arcane Shot in my rotation for a focus dump, and it is also showing what is active on your current target along your focus bar.  It does not; however, track dots on multiple targets, so for that reason, I don’t see myself getting rid of ForteXorcist.

Misdirection Settings

Configuring this mod was quite easy, the UI for doing that was pretty straightforward, but there were some tricks to getting it set the way I wanted it.

First of all, the placement of the mod needed to change.

To lock or unlock the frames type /serenity lock, then drag your bars wherever you want them, and repeat the same /serenity lock to save your changes.

To open the config panel, /serenity config and you’ll see a window similar to the one you see to the right.  There’s loads of options for everything from threat transfer to aspect management and cool downs.  You pick what you want, enable (or disable) that module.

Durations and Cooldowns

To turn off the cool down timer, navigate to the screen you see to the left.  This is also where you’ll customize your duration timer.  You can select what you want to see on your duration bar, and exclude what you don’t.

Pro’s to Serenity:

  • In your face updates for focus, and how much you’ll be gaining with your current shot (in the case of Steady/Cobra)
  • Handy counter to prepare for the Fire! proc.
  • Quick right click Misdirects from your raid/party frames.
  • Announces in whatever channel you select your MD target.
  • Solid duration timers for your current target.

Cons to Serenity:

  • Unable to track Serpent Sting on multiple targets.
  • If you already have a pretty set UI, it may be difficult to find a place for it that still keeps it in your face.

Ultimately, I’m going to recommend you try Serenity and see if it will help you in your exploits.  It’s certainly helped me optimize my Marksmanship rotation, and I’m sure it can help you too.

Do you know of an add-on I should check out? Drop it in the comments!

I’m such a UI junkie.  I mod out the way my entire screen looks, and I’m always searching for a new add-on that will make my life easier.

My UI right now continues be a variant of Bati’s UI, but I’ve added and removed things that make my quality of life better.  I’m toying with the idea of going back to grid for my raid frames, but I haven’t decided anything at this point. It should be known that I’m going to work with Power Auras this weekend to see if I can get something snazzy put together for what’s up notifications. I’ll share those separately, but I know many people can’t live without them.

Add-ons that make my hunting easier are:

Why ForteXorcist?

Truthfully, it’s primarily a warlock add on, and I disable most of it, with the exception of the spell tracker. Why do I use it? It helps me keep track of my outstanding Serpent Stings (especially on multiple targets), debuffs on the boss, proc’d abilities (like Improved Steady Shot when applicable).  It’s very customize-able, and you can only use the parts of it that you like/need.  If you don’t already have a cooldown timer on your UI, this one is pretty good as well.

Why MisdirectionHelper2?

This takes the complication out of creating Misdirection macros.  You no longer have to manually change what you need, you just select your targets from a menu, or type in your MD target’s name.  This add-on saves me from cursing out my game regularly.

Why Tidy Plates?

If you’re dealing with more than a couple mobs, having your combat plates on helps targeting quite a bit.  I like the customization options in Tidy Plates because you can set them to show just what you want.  You can also tell it to show everything.

Why Dominos?

This is, hands down, one of my staples.  I like the ability to change buttons, where they go, what opacity they have — that’s all nice.  What I really love is the ability to change keybinds quickly.  All you have to do is go to the config options for Dominos, select “Set Keybinds,” then mouseover the button you want, and push your new keybind.  It saves so much time and hassle from the built in UI’s “guess what button on the action bar” game.  When you’re swapping in abilities based on the fight, having the flexibility to just assign a new keybind that fast is really convenient.

Why Omen?

Omen is pretty close to the universally accepted threat meter.  It gives you warnings when you hit a threshold you set for when you’re about to pull off the tank.  It also gives you a list of people on that threat list for the mob you’re targeting — so it might help you time that Feign Death a little better, or Misdirect just a bit sooner to help save the overzealous mage who already used his ice block.

What are some of your “have to have” add-ons for combat?


Morynne —  April 30, 2010 — Leave a comment

I can’t remember who asked me to see my UI, but there it is.  Click the image to big-ify.

I use a variant of Bati’s UI.

From the base UI there, I’ve added the following add-ons:

The biggest thing I did to this UI is get rid of the healer-specific stuff, since I don’t do that, and rearrange action bars.  While I like the idea of only having one action bar at the bottom, I watch far too many things to be able to do that.  My chat window is separated into two windows, bottom is trade and other spam, top is Guild, Raid, and Party, as well as any guild specific channels we have.  I run WIM, and that pops in the area between my target frame and the buttons on the right, which is handy when someone’s got whispers to people when something is about to happen to them.  Omen pops in the area below the action bars on the right, and all I use it for is the noise when I get to 90% threat.

If there are any specific mods you’d like me to do a write-up on, leave a note in the comment.  Happy Friday all!

So let me start first by linking where you can find this gem. ag_unitframesHealth/Mana Bars - self

I had been a big advocate of XPerl for the longest time.  Then someone recommended to me that I try this ag_unitframes.  Wow, big difference.  The bars are much more dynamic than Xperl — you can customize pretty much everything for what information is displayed on each bar.  You can choose what side the numbers are displayed on, if you want the percent of health, if you want portraits or not.

For more screenshots and more thoughts on this add-on, follow after the jump.

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