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Quori has written here before, and he asked me to write an article for him about the transitions between hardcore and casual raiding.  Take a read:

I’ve been around.  I’ve done stuff.  I’ve seen… things.  I’ve raided everything from Karazhan to Firelands.  I’ve raided casually when I felt like it, to hardcore “berated if you don’t show up” heroic raiding.

My experiences are likely unique based on the people I’ve raided with, but the lessons learned are pretty universal.  First, let’s talk about moving from a casual environment to more progression oriented.

Casual to Progression

The biggest difference to expect between a casual raid to that of a progression raid is you can expect that your performance (whether it be healing, dps, threat production as a tank, cool-down use, consumables use, etc.) to be under the microscope. (Read More)

Morynne’s note: This is a guest post from Quori.  He writes at Surviving WoW with Quori, sharing his thoughts on various subjects related to huntering — everything from guild management to raid progression. You should check him out, seriously. I’m going to keep looking for guest posters, so if you’re interested, please shoot me an email.


The name is Quori. Orc Hunter on Madoran, formerly Night Elf Hunter on Azjol Nerub and Senjin. I started playing World of Warcraft upon its launch in 2004. My wife bought me a copy for Christmas and gave it to me early. I read the owner’s manual over and over again trying to determine what class to roll first. I was instantly drawn to a Hunter, but found myself enticed by other classes like Warrior, Druid, and Shaman. In the end, I went with my instinct of Hunter…and never looked back. I have leveled 2 Hunters to end game on 2 different servers. I have done end game PvP, PvE, and sat around doing nothing. So as not to bore you with all the gory and mundane details of all of my personal travels….I am going to give a simple snapshot of where we started, and were we are today, mostly ignoring all the meat in between.  :)

the hunter How did we begin…ranged damage dealing with a multitude of movement restricting spells and a fully functional combat pet. Were we a utility class or a pure dps class? We provided sustained top end damage in any spec with additional utility for kiting, pet-tanking (i.e. off-tanking), and some party buffs like Trueshot Aura. In the end, opinions vary based on perspective and how you were utilized. Personally, I was a utility class. My value was always to see the open field of combat and provide directions and feedback as to what was going on around us. My PvP days of 2005 forged this and my switch to PvE in 2006 only solidified it deeper in me. Its what I am best at…vision. So I admittedly feel Hunters should be best at this too.

We were never a liability to the raid, and provided solid performance and group compliments. Ranged damage that could mitigate threat, assist with pulls (during Vanilla it was always Hunter base pulls for us – Jantara, Xylina, and I!!!), off tank in a pinch (Hunter tanking on certain adds was hysterical), and requiring minimal healing attention.

So, where are we now? Disregarding everything that came in between; you would think nothing has changed. In other words folks…UTILITY. Yes, we are still a utility class. Not the “I can heal and tank and then damage with my moonfire, pew pew!” kind of utility. We are now pure damage dealing utility, bringing three different types of damage to the table.

Most damage dealers fall into one type or another…its either physical melee (i.e. Rogues, feral druids, enhancement shaman, warriors) or it is ranged magical (i.e. mages, warlocks, shadow priests).

We have 3 times the death-dealing charm:

  • Beastmaster: physical dps split between melee and ranged
  • Marksman: physical dps from range
  • Survival: magical damage from range

This is important stuff people! VERY important!!! It gives us the flexibility to provide variable dps based on the encounter. Have a boss susceptible to magic…go SV. Heavy movement fight…bring the BM Hunter for sustained pet damage. Need the dps to stand still and PEW PEW…Marksmanship is your homerun hitter. Other classes cannot adjust nearly as well as we can. Oh, and btw….we can still kite, tank (Baradin Hold pet tanking FTW!!!), and provide some semi-helpful raid wide buffs (that’s sarcasm folks…we are awesome at providing missing buffs to 10 mans especially). We are in a good place with 3 relatively equal specs all capable of bringing value-add to a raid.

My 25 man ran with 5 Hunters last week…FIVE. It was quite an awesome thing. Revel in these very good times my hairy wristed friends, it certainly may not last. Let’s enjoy it while we can.