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The Death of Google Reader

Morynne —  March 14, 2013 — 1 Comment

I know, it’s shocking.  I’m still alive.

I am still paying attention to what’s going on in the WoW world, even though my time has been consumed with a new dog, and preparing for a wedding in my family.  It came as quite a shock that Google has decided to nuke Google Reader, which I know is a staple for many people to stay up with their favorite sites, including this one.

I did some searching online this morning, and found a couple of pretty decent replacements, and have found that I like Feedly the most.  You can set it up to be exactly like Google Reader, and some additional features as well.  Another bonus? It uses the Google API, so it will do a seamless import of your existing feeds into Feedly — no arguments required.

Once my life settles down a bit, I hope to return to WoW and blogging more frequently, but that’s going to be at least a couple weeks away.  For now? I leave you with a picture of my new puppy.


Totally Unrelated

Morynne —  May 3, 2011 — 2 Comments

This is so not Warcraft related it’s not even funny.  But the Tampa Bay Lightning are up 3-0 in their series against the Washington Capitals.  I just have to share.

Go Bolts!

Feedback is good, m’kay?

Morynne —  January 6, 2010 — 6 Comments

Hello to all of you out in the blogosphere!

Ever run across an article you like, but don’t actually feel like commenting? Yeah, me too.

For the fellow bloggers out there, you know comments drive you to keep writing.  I also know that there are some times where you want to let someone know you like what they wrote, but don’t have anything other than “this is good” to leave, so you skip the process.

Those of you that don’t blog, that’s cool — I didn’t for a long time.  Just understand that your feedback is totally awesome.  Bloggers love it, and get very excited when you give them feedback.  So if you run across an entry you like, say something, or in the case of my blog, click the link at the bottom of the article that says “I like this.”

Why should you give me feedback?  Well ultimately it’s going to tell me what articles I should do more of.  I write for a multitude of reasons.  I write mostly because I want to, but I want to make sure my readers are getting something worth while out of my senseless drivel.  Ultimately, I’m trying to make this better for all of us.

So the next time you see an entry you like, or something that’s made you go “hmmmm,” say something, or just mark that you like it.

Big thanks to Lady Jess who found the “I like this” plugin.

Awesome, folks.  I’m glad we had this chat. :-D