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Strategy: Hour of Twilight

Morynne —  December 13, 2011 — Leave a comment

The Hour of Twilight is the third of the three new heroic dungeons introduced in 4.3.  Just like with the other 4.3 implemented heroics, there’s plenty of story here, so if you’re in to that, pay attention when you’re running through. I’m just going to tell you how to deal with each boss.

Here’s the Details

  • Location: Caverns of Time
  • Level: 85, heroic only
  • Bosses: 3


This guy is actually really easy from a ranged DPS perspective.  Your job is really to stay out of bad things (frost circles on the ground), DPS the boss, and when Thrall gets ice blocked, break him out.  If you’re spec’d into Silencing Shot, you can interrupt the Hand of Frost, otherwise that will fall to the rest of your party.

Asira Dawnslayer

Asira drops down on her drake, and has a few tricks up her sleeve.  She’ll periodically silence people in your party, but it can be LOS’d.  She will also throw out choking bombs that mess up your ranged DPS.  Tanks will need to drag her out of the smoke bomb to make things easier on everyone.  Thrall does continue to help during this encounter, and his totems are a good thing to stand near.

Archbishop Benedictus

This is a two phase fight, but they’re not that different.  The first phase he’ll deal in holy energy, and the second phase, he’ll convert his damage to Shadow.  Ultimately your job will be to DPS the boss, but just like the panther boss in ZG, you’ll want to stay away from the waves of energy the boss pushes out.  Make sure you’re paying attention to your position.

Hunter Loot from the Hour of Twilight

As always, good luck!

Strategy: Well of Eternity

Morynne —  December 9, 2011 — Leave a comment

Well of Eternity is the second of the three new heroic dungeons in 4.3.  This one tells another part of the story with Illidan, pre corruption — and you get more story regarding how he came into all his power. Lore-tastic!

Here’s the Details

  • Location: Caverns of Time (Tanaris)
  • Level: 85, heroic only.
  • Bosses: 3 encounters

Again, there’s a lot of story in this instance, so I’m going to let the instance tell you that stuff, I’ll just tell you how to deal with each boss.


From a range DPS perspective, Peroth’arn is a very straight forward fight.  Stay out of bad.  Peroth’arn will call down fel-puddles that will try to eat your feet, just stay out of them.  The other key to this fight is when he summons eyes and vanishes, try to stay out of line of sight of these, as it will prevent you from taking his sneak-attack when he comes out of stealth.  Otherwise, DPS the boss, and stay out of excess damage.

Queen Ashzara

This fight doesn’t actually involve fighting Ashzara at all, but instead you’re taking on the mages that protect her.  If you’re quick on DPS, you’ll be dealing with, at most, 2 of the mages.  There are three different kinds of mages, Arcane, Fire, and Frost (shocking, I know).  Your kill order on these is most important, as is the interrupt and dispells of the remainder of your party. To handle these guys, just spread out, and focus fire them down, being very careful not to split DPS.

Now, to add some flavor, Ashzara will occasionally MC one player, and the remainder of your party has to DPS down the Hand of Ashzara to release the player.  She will also occasionally cast Total Obedience that must be interrupted — every time.  Otherwise she mind controls your entire party, and ultimately can turn into a wipe quickly, so make sure those interrupts are coordinated before pulling this fight.

Captain Varo’then and Mannoroth

The last fight starts with you taking down Captain Varo’then, who is a bit of a pushover, then the real fight starts.  Illidan and Tyrande will keep Mannoroth and his goons busy until you’re done with him, don’t worry.  Varo’then is a basic tank n’ spank fight, so just push him down.

The Mannoroth fight is a bit more interesting.  A couple things to keep in mind. Mannoroth is a demon and therefore Fel Fires things.  Remember Argoloth? Same deal. Keep moving when he spits fire all over the place.  Tyrande will collapse at one point in the fight, and your job will be to kill the two bigger adds (Debilitators) to stop the waves of smaller ones.  When Tyrande gets back up, DPS on Mannoroth and he’ll fall.  He will keep Fel Firestorming things, so just be aware of your positioning.  Tyrande will take care of the smaller demons.  A bit later in the fight, everyone will take on the Metamorph form that Warlocks have to bust up Mannoroth and the demons, so use that AOE ability they give you!

Hunter Loot from Well of Eternity

Good luck!

Strategy: End Time

Morynne —  December 4, 2011 — 2 Comments

I absolutely love how much story you get from this, and the other two instances added with 4.3.  This is the start of the series of 3.

Here’s the details

  • Location: Caverns of Time (Tanaris)
  • 85, heroic only
  • Bosses: Sampling of 3, plus Murozond

I’ll let the instance tell the story, but here’s how you handle each boss.

Echo of Baine

This encounter takes place in the Obsidian Dragonshrine, except unlike the last time we were here, there’s 4 different platforms and no Sartharion around. (We killed that guy already). This fight is effectively a tank and spank fight, so just focus on DPSing the boss.  Periodically the boss will target a random player and slam into the platform, destroying it and dumping anyone who was standing on it in the lava.  Positioning it’s wise to have healers and range on different platforms than the boss, and each other.  If you happen to be the one he targets, just get out of the lava as quickly as possible and continue to damage the boss.

Echo of Jaina

This takes place in the Azure Dragonshrine. The key to this fight is dispels from healers, and popping flare core embers.  If you don’t pop the embers, they will detonate after 10 seconds for 94k fire damage to everyone in the group.  Otherwise, DPS the boss, and she’ll roll over.

Echo of Sylvanas

Sylvanas is in the Ruby Dragonshrine.  This is an add-control fight.  Sylvanas pulls all players under her and summons a bunch of ghouls.  The trick is to kill the ghouls before they reach Sylvanas and sacrifice themselves.  These need to be handled in a single-target, focus fire way in order to escape. By killing ghouls, it severs the link other ghouls have with Sylvanas, making life easier.  Sylvanas will also occasionally shoot Blighted Arrows  beneath a random player and leaps into the sky, then firing a volley type ability into the cone below her.  Stay out of bad, kill ghouls, you win.

Echo of Tyrande

Tyrande is in the Emerald Dragonshrine.  It’s worth noting that if you want a white shiny cat with glowing eyes, the ones here are the ones you want to tame.  There’s a leopard and a tiger, and it might take you a couple tries to get the one you want.  When you get to Tyrande, the fight is ultimately an awareness fight.  Glowy things coming at you, get out of them.  Stardust and Moonlance are her primary abilities.  Moonlance will split into 2 parts after a few seconds, and expands into a cone.  Stay out of bad, DPS the boss.


Murozond (Nozdormu) is in the Bronze Dragonshrine, and does all the typical dragon timey-wimey things.  He breaths and tail-swipes too, so stay to his sides.  It’s safer.  As you start the fight, you’ll notice a new bar show up with several hour glasses on it.  The trick here is that you can click the hourglasses to reset the fight – well, all but his health. (Yes, even your cool downs) He primarily uses a Distortion Bomb to mess with you, creating giant yellow swirls on the ground.  Stay out of them, they inflict about 25k damage a second.  When your group feels like they don’t have enough room to work anymore, have someone hit an hourglass.  It will reset you, your cool downs, resurrect people if they died, and allow you to keep dpsing the boss.  Use these hourglasses wisely, and he’ll easily drop.

Hunter Loot from End Time

As always, good luck!

Zul’Aman is the second of the two heroics added in 4.1.  This was a 10-man timed raid during Burning Crusade. This instance drops ilvl 353 epics, which will help bridge the gap into raiding, if that’s what you want to do.  If you’ve done the bosses in the previous iteration, there’s really not much difference.

  • Location: Ghostlands
  • Level: 85, heroic only
  • Bosses: 6, with a twist.  Timed reward for the first 4 bosses.

Zul’Aman classically rewarded the Amani War Bear in Burning Crusade by completing the first four bosses in a certain amount of time.  They’ve continued this in the 5-man heroic version, rewarding the Amani Battle Bear.  Just one per run though, so make sure you have this worked out with your group.

Akil’zon – Eagle Avatar

New to the encounter is the Amani Kidnapper, an eagle that will periodically seize a party member. The party, including the seized player, should switch to kill the Amani Kidnapper and free the player. Akil’zon once again casts Call Lightning on the tank and Static Disruption on random players, which stacks but can be removed. Spread out to avoid hitting the party with the AOE and use nature resistance to decrease the damage taken. When Electrical Storm is cast, the targeted player will be suspended in the air and shoot an electrical storm across the entire platform. The party should group up underneath the targeted player to avoid taking damage.

What does a hunter need to know?

Stay spread out.  Make sure you’re switching targets to kill the Amani Kidnapper, because your range will be crucial on this.  When the Electrical Storm goes out, just make sure you’re under the suspended person.  Because there are lots of brown birds too, Multi-Shot is helpful when trying to minimize the damage going out to your group.  Don’t make it a priority, but if you kill a few of these on the way, you’ll be better off.

Nalorakk – Bear Avatar

In phase 1, the troll phase, Nalorakk casts Brutal Strike on the tank. He also uses Surge on the player the farthest away from him. He will use this ability three times before transitioning. It helps to have a ranged dps and healer alternate the surges. You may want to consider using three different soakers depending on the personal defensive cooldowns of your party.

In phase 2, he turns into a bear. He casts Lacerating Slash on the tank and Deafening Roar on the party.

Nalorakk flips back and forth between Phases 1 and 2, so just be aware of what phase you’re in so you can prepare for the Surges.

What does a hunter need to know?

Because you’re a range, you’ll likely be one of the soakers for your group.  Make sure you just DPS your brains out to get this guy over with quickly.  You can use Deterrence in a pinch to mitigate the damage from the surge, but getting the timing right isn’t difficult, and you end up sacrificing your DPS for several seconds, which just makes the fight longer.  Use your Rapid Fire cooldown during the bear phase so you don’t get interrupted by a stray Surge.

Jan’alai – Dragonhawk Avatar

Jan’alai is a forest troll who guards two sets of dragonhawk eggs on his altar. The key to beating Jan’alai is avoiding the fire on the ground while controlling the number of eggs to hatch at once.

Jan’alai casts Flame Breath in the direction of a random player. This is easily avoidable, especially if you stay close to his hit box.

Periodically, Jan’alai will cast Fire Bomb. These orange bombs will spawn haphazardly from the center of the room and explode several seconds later, leaving large gaps where players can safely stand and continue to fight.

Jan’alai will Summon Amani’shi Hatcher, NPCs which will run to the sets of eggs at either side of the altar and begin to hatch them until they are killed. The hatched Amani Dragonhawk Hatchling, which cast Flame Buffet, should be AOEd down and dps should watch aggro. It is advisable to have several waves of Hatchlings instead of letting them all spawn at once at any time during the encounter.

What does a hunter need to know?

Stay out of fire.  Focus the correct hatcher (right or left) and use Multi-Shot to your advantage when dealing with the hatchlings.  Rinse, repeat.

Halazzi – Lynx Avatar

This guy is all about totem management. If you take down the totems, and DPS the boss as much as possible, you’ll win.

In the troll phase, Halazzi drops Water Totem which buffs the boss with Refreshing Stream. This totem can be killed; however, you can also move the boss away from the green healing circle and continue to focus dps while standing in it. This will grant your part a steady stream of healing and mana. He also casts Enrage.
At 66% and 33%, Halazzi will summon Spirit of the Lynx and heal to 100%. Kill the lynx, and if you’re melee heavy in you group, it’s best to stand together to maximize your DPS on him. It will also cast Shred Armor and Lynx Flurry which can be especially rough on cloth dps. Depending on your group composition, DPS can switch to kill the Corrupted Lightning Totem before it does extreme amounts of damage–once the Spirit of the Lynx has died, the DPS will go back to Halazzi.

What does a hunter need to know?

Kill totems, kill the lynx when he’s up, DPS the boss.

Hex Lord Malacrass

This guy is flanked by 2 random adds with unique abilities, but given how prevalent CC is now, both are easily dealt with, or killed.  Just make sure you have a plan to handle them.

The bigger mechanic for this guy is he will soul drain group members, stealing some of their abilities.  More on that later.

He will alternate between hurling Spirit Bolts at the party, a fairly strong AOE, and channeling Siphon Soul. As the fight drags on, you will get high stacks of Drain Power, making Malacrass harder to kill.

Randomly casts soul drain on a raid member, absorbing the character’s abilities and amplifying their power. The possible soul drains are:

What does a hunter need to know?

Understand your group’s plans for dealing with the adds, but realistically they can just be DPSed down before getting on the boss.  If your group chooses to CC, be prepared to help out with an Ice Trap.

Daakara <The Invincible>

By comparison to the Burning Crusade version of this fight, it’s a cakewalk.  He pulls his abilities from the various animal aspects already encountered in the instance.

  • In the first phase, Daakara casts Whirlwind and Grievous Throw, just heal to 100%. Melee dps that eat a whirlwind while afflicted with Grievous Throw may find themselves dead quickly. At 80% and 40%, Daakara transforms into two of the four remaining avatars at random.
  • In Shape of the Eagle, Daakara creates an Energy Storm and casts Summon Cyclone that players must dodge. Players that run into cyclones will be hit by Zap. Be sure to kill the Lightning Totem to prevent additional damage from going out. As part of Energy Storm all spells cast will deal damage to the caster–healers must be smart about deciding when to heal, as they will take additional damage when doing so.
  • In Shape of the Bear, Daakara casts Creeping Paralysis which can be followed up with a nasty Surge, as well as Nearly Overpowered Blow on the tank. Creeping Paralysis and the stun can both be dispelled.
  • In Shape of the Dragonhawk, Daakara creates Column of Fire and periodically casts Flame Whirl and Flame Breath. As always, just stay out of the fire.
  • In Shape of the Lynx, Daakara spawns two adds that can quickly destroy a player if they are not killed quickly, between Lynx Rush and Claw Rage. The tank should taunt during Claw Rage to split the damage taken.

What does a hunter need to know?

Be ready to switch strategies when Daakara chooses an animal aspect, but ultimately this is a DPS race to get it over with as quickly as possible.

Hunter Loot from Zul’Aman

Did I miss anything? Do you have any handy tips of your own? Leave them in the comments!

Good luck!

Zul’Gurub is back! It’s now a 5-man dungeon in Cataclysm, and I’ll have to say it’s a really fun, and challenging, instance.  It was implemented in the 4.1 patch, the Rise of the Zandalari.  This instance drops ilvl 353 epics, which will help bridge the gap into raiding, if that’s what you want to do.

Here are the particulars:

  • Location: Northern Stranglethorn – right where the old one used to be.
  • Level: 85, this one’s heroic only.
  • Bosses: 6

You can do these bosses in different orders, but you ultimately end up at Jin’Do the Godbreaker.

High Priest Venoxis

This is a fight that’s all about movement and control.  During the fight, there will be a poison maze that is formed on the ground.  Do not cross the green stuff on the ground, don’t look at it, don’t even think about stepping on it, you’ll die.  At the beginning of the fight, you can pick up the Toxic Torment buff from the cauldron, but it’s not especially necessary if you’re careful.

Phase 1:

He will shoot green lasers at players causing lots of damage, which should be interrupted.  He will also create a toxic link between two players, and if your group is spread out enough, it will instantly detonate, causing loads of damage, just make sure your group is healed up before it’s popped by walking away from each other.

Phase 2:

This begins with Venoxis turns into a snake.  He forgets his original abilities, and learns new ones.  He also gets a 100% damage buff to his physical attacks.

He will begin dropping pools of green stuff on the ground, so make sure you keep the boss out of them, and your group.  He’ll breathe acid on random players, just do your best to get out of it.  The maze is still on the ground, so movement will be challenging.

At the end of phase 2, he will return to his altar and channel a spell creating more green lasers.  This time the lasers will chase people around, so just make sure you stay away from them.

Once the channeling is through, like any junkie, he’ll go into withdrawal, and take increased damage and not attack your group.  This is the burn phase, save your cooldowns for this, and blow your Heroism/Bloodlust/whatever the other classes get.

Once the withdrawal is complete, he will return to phase 1, rinse, repeat as needed.

What does a hunter need to know?

Stay out of the green stuff, DPS the boss.  Save your Rapid Fire cooldown for the withdrawal phase. As a hunter, you shouldn’t have to move too much, but be aware of the green puddles that get flung around, they seem to grow the longer they’re on the floor.  Find your safe spot, stick to it, and only move when you have to.

Bloodlord Mandokir

The fight just isn’t you versus Mandokir, you’re also fighting his raptor, Oghan.  There are 8 spirits around the room that will resurrect any fallen player (1 time per spirit).  The rez buffs Mandokir, so you want to try to keep this to a minimum.  Ohgan has learned how to kill the spirits around the room, so it’s important you kill Ohgan quickly every time you’re able to target him directly.

Mandokir will cast Bloodletting on players throughout the fight, and it’s unavoidable.  Your healer needs to make sure they quickly get the target back to full once it’s over.  Mandokir starts the fight mounted, but once he is on his own, he’ll start to use Devastating Slam, causing big spikes to come out of the ground.  Stay out of those.  He’ll also Decapitate players, causing an instant kill.  This should be the only time your spirits have to rez you.

When Ohgan falls, he’ll be down for a bit, but inevitably come back, so make sure you stay aware of if the raptor is active or not.  At 20%, Mandokir will frenzy, causing him to attack 100% faster.  Cooldowns should be used for this part.  Remember, the spirits that resurrect the boss buff his damage 20% each time they’re used, so if your group dies a lot, Mandokir will probably kill your tank in this frenzy.

What does a hunter need to know?

Stay out of the spikes from the ground, and make sure your prioritize your DPS to the raptor.  At 20%, blow your Rapid Fire cooldown and burn the boss.  Make sure if you’re resurrected during this fight that you re-apply your aspect, and re-summon your pet to prevent your dps from being hurt too badly.

Edge of Madness

This is a randomly summoned encounter each time you run ZG.  You must have a high level archaeologist in your group to activate this encounter.  As you walk into this room, you’ll find artifacts scattered all over the place, just click them, and you’ll find some you can activate.  One of each type is required to activate them.

There are 4 summons from this, and each has their own quirks, but mostly this is a tank n’ spank set of fights.

  • Hazza’rah periodically summons adds via Nightmare. These adds target a player and stun them with Waking Nightmare. If the add reaches the targeted player, it will useConsume Soul and kill the player.
  • Renataki, otherwise a tank-and-spank, periodically casts Ambush and Thousand Blades, a version of Fan of Knives on steroids. Run out of his whirlwinding path until he is done attacking and heal the ambushed target.
  • Wushoolay, a troll elemental shaman, casts several lightning abilities you must move away from Players close to Lightning Rod must run away to avoid being killed. Also avoid the Forked Lightning and Lightning Cloud.
  • Gri’lek, a troll berserker, is a typical melee mob that periodically targets a player. When this happens, he grows in size, deals more damage, and moves noticeably slower. He does an emote when targeting a player, so everyone has time to move. Avoid his tremor and dispel roots.

What does a hunter need to know?

Be familiar with each quirk of the mobs.  Ultimately, as a hunter, you’ll just want to stay out of the way, handle the adds as necessary, and pump as much DPS as possible.

High Priestess Kilnara

This is a 2-phase encounter, and has a few twists.  As you enter the room for Kilnara, you’ll notice 4 packs of 4 panthers around the room, with the boss in the middle.  The ultimate goal of phase 1 is to kill all the panthers before Kilnara reaches 50%.

Kilnara does some pretty annoying things, so make sure you’re aware of how to handle each of them.

  • Kilnara will cast Shadow Bolt throughout phase 1. This spell can be interrupted.
  • Both Lash of Anguish and Tears of Blood will also be frequently cast. While you can and should interrupt the Tears of Blood static AoE channel (purple flecks floating towards the ground), you cannot interrupt Lash of Anguish.
  • Another visible ability that cannot be interrupted is Wave of Agony, where Kilnara will channel a huge purple wave wall. If you fail to get behind her, you will be knocked back far and suffer shadow damage.  You can also get far enough to the side of this ability so you don’t get hit, so just in case you can’t get behind her.
  • She will also cast Wail of Sorrow which cannot be avoided. Simply heal through it.

In phase 1, the easiest way I’ve found of handling this is to just have your tank wake packs of panthers (groups of 4), kill those, and move on to the next one until all 16 panthers are dead.  After that, burn Kilnara to 50%, and you’ll enter phase 2.

Phase 2 begins at 50%, and Kilnara turns into her panther form, and the room will Cave In, dealing damage to everyone. Any panthers you haven’t killed by now will intervene in the fight.  Kilnara will also be gaining haste and damage buffs the longer the rest of this fight goes on. Kilnara will also use Ravage, dealing damage to a single target and Vengeful Smash, dealing AoE damage. At around 15%, she will briefly go into Camouflage to irritate your party, and then reappear.

Really phase 2 is just a tank n’ spank DPS race.

What does a hunter need to know?

The biggest piece to this fight is making sure the boss doesn’t drop too quickly before the panthers are dead.  We’ve tried having a DPS in plate tank the panthers and another tank handle the boss, but that just became too much.  We found it works better if the tank just drags around the boss to each group of panthers, and we kill them.  Multi-Shot is a good tool for this fight because it does great damage on the panthers, and doesn’t do too much to the boss, while still being helpful.  As a hunter, when the wave comes up, obviously stay at your range, but I found that instead of moving behind the boss, moving to the side of the wave works better, and becomes less confusing to deal with.  Just don’t wake up extra panthers on accident.


This is probably the most dynamic encounter of the whole instance.  It’s a little bit like Maloriak, if you’re familiar with the different colored cauldrons, and what happens with each — except this time, you have to pick up the cauldron buff based on what Zanzil does.

Zanzil regularly casts Terrible Tonic on a random player which cannot be avoided. Simply heal though it. He also uses Voodoo Bolt which should be interrupted.  Zanzili Fire will be cast frequently, creating a bright line of fire that deals ticking damage to anyone standing in it.

  • One of the random special spells Zanzil will use against you is Zanzil’s Graveyard Gas. The entire area will be flooded with green gas, and you should immediately getToxic Torment from the green cauldron to survive.
  • Another special ability is Zanzil’s Resurrection Elixir. This will resurrect one Zanzili Berserker on which you will have to focus while having him taking massive damage and stunned by Frostburn Formula from the blue cauldron.
  • When Zanzil uses Zanzil’s Resurrection Elixir to raise his Zanzili Zombies, have your tank pick up Burning Blood from the red cauldron and aggro the zombies. AoE them down and have the DPS pick up Burning Blood as well to speed things up. Remember that Burning Blood will also damage friendly players, so be sure to heal your party.

What does a hunter need to know?

Stay at range, and typically best between the blue and the green cauldrons.  Be ready to quickly grab the blue cauldron to freeze the berserker, and dps it down.  The green phase is just a survival phase, and continue to DPS any berserker still up.  During the red phase it’s usually best to only have 1-2 of your party pick up the red buff for the zombies to make your healer’s job easier.  Multi-Shot does enough damage on these zombies to help get them down quickly.

Jin’do the Godbreaker

The Jin’do encounter is also a 2-phase fight.

Phase 1: The Deadzone

Throughout this phase, Jin’do will summon a Deadzone several times. Have the tank pull Jin’do immediately out of it, but be ready to go in yourself when he starts casting Shadows of Hakkar to take less magic damage. Otherwise, your party should stay outside since it reduces your casting speed and ultimately, damage done to Jin’do. Deadzone is closely tied to Shadows of Hakkar. When you see him channeling Shadows of Hakkar, go into the Deadzone, but keep him out after he has finished his cast. Once his Shadows of Hakkar buff runs out, he will create a new Deadzone you need to drag him out of.

Phase 2: Chains

After a short time, Jin’do will Vanish, and you enter the Spirit World. The goal is to destroy the three Hakkar’s Chains, each protected by a Brittle Barrier. While your party members split up and position themselves near chains, your tank will need to pull a Gurubashi Spirit, and have him Body Slam at one of the chains. Once that chain’s barrier is broken, the party member should move to another chain. Keep doing this for the rest of the chains, and then finish the spirit off. Then destroy each chain one by one.

Throughout the phase, Twisted Spirits will keep appearing and pose a nuisance to your party. They can be soloed one-on-one, but you will be overrun if you face too many. Have your ranged DPS pick them off from a distance and have the tank taunt to avoid healers getting aggro. If you get too many spirits, DPS each chain down after it’s been broken apart before moving to the next one to help regulate how many twisted spirits spawn.

Black/purple spikes flying through the air are caused by Shadow Spike from whose impact you need to stay away. These deal huge damage especially if you stand in the purple void zones.

What does a hunter need to know?

Phase 1, keep in mind that the Deadzone doesn’t impact your cast time.  Hang out in the deadzone as much as you want. In fact, get in the deadzone and stay in there — your healers will thank you.  During phase 2, your job will be to kill twisted spirits and chains.  I found that using a tenacity pet on this fight, while reducing your DPS, makes handling the adds easier as there’s a pretty effective taunt from the pet, alongside the tank grabbing some other ones.  In this case, I used my volcano turtle because she’s awesome.  The best part about this fight is once you DPS down the third chain, you win.

Hunter Loot from Zul’Gurub:

It’s worth noting that 1-handed weapons for a hunter should not be the first choice, but if you happen to get 2 of them, and you’re stuck with some green weapon or something, they’re not so bad.

Good luck!

Strategy: Grim Batol

Morynne —  January 26, 2011 — 2 Comments

Grim Batol is a dungeon housing the Dark Iron Clan, and the Twilight Hammer — two of the big foes of Cataclysm.

Here are the particulars:

  • Location: Twilight Highlands
  • Level: 84-85, 85 for Heroic.
  • Bosses: 4

General Umbriss

General Umbriss is a bit of a jerk.  He casts Blitz after focusing a target party member.  The goal is to get out of his way.  Ground Seige also happens, but it’s not fatal, and seems to be target-less.

The trick to this fight is dealing with the trogg adds that spawn. One Malignant Trogg and three Trogg Dweller will spawn the first time. The Trogg Dwellers will continue coming in groups of three every time Umbriss calls them, but if you CC/kite/offtank the Malignant Trogg, no new ones will spawn — which makes this fight far easier. If you decide to kill the Malignant Troggs, make sure you do it away from other troggs and the boss, since they cast an AoE of Modgud’s Malice, turning other nearby troggs into Malignant ones, and increasing the boss’ damage by 100% if it hits him.  At 30%, Umbriss enrages and stops summoning adds.

What does a hunter need to know?

Trap the malignant trogg if that’s your job, stay out of Blitz and DPS the boss.

On heroic?

More damage going out, but the fight remains unchanged.

Forgemaster Throngus

This fight is all about paying attention to what weapons Throngus chooses.  He has a base ability of Mighty Stomp regardless of what weapon he has.

If Throngus picks up the mace, the boss needs to be kited around.  The Encumbered debuff will keep Throngus slowed, but will also make him deadly if tanked in one place. During this phase he will also use Impaling Slam on random people, incapacitating them. As he walks, his mace will drip lava, which will stay on the ground and damage players for a while. Ultimately stay out of bad stuff here.

If Throngus picks Dual Blades, he will start doing a lot of damage to the tank through his quick attacks and a stackable DoT. The debuff is magic, so make sure it gets dispelled.  He will also use Disorienting Roar, which can be easily countered by casting three instant spells in a row.

If Throngus picks up Phalanx (shield), this is the heavy AOE phase. Untargetable Twilight Archers will shoot Flaming Arrow at random players.  To add insult to injury, Throngus will periodically target a random player and his shield will blow fire in a cone.  Stay away from the business end of the shield.  It’s better that way.

You will always see all 3 weapons before you see a repeat, so be ready, and he does cycle through his weapons throughout the fight.

What does a hunter need to know?

DPS the boss, stay out of bad stuff, avoid the business end of the shield.

On heroic?


Drahga Shadowburner

This is a 2 phase fight, the Drahga phase and the dragon phase.

Drahga phase:

Burning Shadowbolt is the boss’ primary means of damage, and it can be interrupted.  The key to this fight is managing the fire adds that are periodically spawned around the room. Make sure these fire adds are eliminated quickly, and do not reach their target.

Dragon phase:

Shortly after the fight begins, Dragha jumps on the back of Valonia (boss from Bastion of Twilight).  Valonia needs to be kept toward the center of the room, and don’t spread out too far.  The fire adds are still spawning, so as range you will likely be damaging them the most.  They need to take priority.  Valonia will periodically breathe on the group in a particular direction — stay out of purple fire.  It’s hot, and burns.  She will also periodically drop arcane puddles on the ground causing a serious slow effect.  Stay out of them as much as possible.

When Valonia gets low on health, she will dump Drahga off and fly away, just finish off the boss.

What does a hunter need to know?

DPS the adds, stay away from the business end of the dragon, stay out of puddles.

On herioc?

No strategy change.

Erudax < The Duke of Below >

This boss really isn’t too bad, though if he’s looking at you, move to one side or the other.  He will be casting Binding Shadows on the area where you’re standing, and that’s bad.

Enfeebling Blow will knock your tank some distance back and debuff them with Feeble Body. Backpedal a little bit and simply wait for Erudax to return to the tank.

Shadow Gale is the big deal in this fight.  You need to move to where Eurdax casts Shadow Gale, and stay there until it’s over.  It looks like a swirly void zone on the ground, but it denotes the safe zone for this mechanic.  Once the Gale is over, Erudax will call for assistance from 2 guardians.  Your group needs to split up and DPS down these adds as quickly as possible.   Stuns/CC will not work, but slowing effects DO work.  Use those.  These guardians goal is to get to the eggs on either side of the room and release little whelplings.  Each whelpling is unkillable, and does unnecessary AOE damage to your group.

What does a hunter need to know?

DPS the boss, get in the big purple swirly thing, get out of the Binding shadows, and use frost traps on the adds.  You’re a multi-tool on this fight.  Enjoy it.

On heroic?

No change in strategy.

Hunter Loot from Grim Batol:

Good luck!

This is one of the longest instances of Cataclysm. Loads of bosses to take down, achievements to earn, and plenty of trash.

Here’s the particulars:

  • Location: Uldum, east portion of the zone.
  • Level: 83-85 on normal, 85 for heroic
  • Bosses: 7

Temple Guardian Anhuur

Overall this fight is really simple.  Stay out of the stuff on the ground, and make sure Divine Reckoning gets dispelled so the boss doesn’t heal.

At 66% and 33%, Anhuur will channel Reverberating Hymn and become immune to all physical attacks.  To break him from this, you have to drop down on the sides of the platform and trip the two levers.  Be careful though, there’s snakes, which is why there needs to be more than just one person dropping down.  The levers have about an 8 second cast timer, so be ready to deal with snakes.

What does a hunter need to know?

Stay out of the stuff on the ground, trip levers if it’s your job, and help DPS snakes on the way back up to the platform.

On heroic?

No change to strategy, just more damage going out.

Earthrager Ptah

… or fiery Marrowgar.

Again, this fight is pretty straightforward.  Stay back from the boss to avoid cleaves, and at 50% when Ptah falls apart and starts summoning adds, DPS the adds.  Ptah will also summon tornados, just stay out of them.  When the last add falls, Ptah will resurface, and resume DPSing the boss — again avoiding cleaves.

What does a hunter need to know?

If you’re in cleave range, you’re doing something wrong.  DPS adds when he submerges.

On heroic?

No change.


This guy is at the end of a gauntlet, and you have to take down 4 elementals before he comes out.  Anraphet for the most part is an awareness fight.

He will use Alpha Beams regularly, and will drop permanent void zones — so stay out of those.  He will periodically use Omega Stance, typically after an Alpha Beam.  Stay grouped up for AOE healing.  Nemesis Strike needs to be dispelled from your tank.  This is a DPS race because of Crumbling Ruin, which the more stacks your group has, the less likely they’ll be to survive some of the bigger hits– particularly the tank.

What does a hunter need to know?

Stay grouped up, watch your feet and DPS the boss.

On heroic?

DPS faster — the shorter the fight is, the easier it is.

Isiset < Construct of Magic >

Isiset is an optional boss.

Periodically through this fight, Isiset will cast Supernova – there will be a warning, make sure you turn away from the boss to avoid this.

The boss has 3 abilities:

  1. Astral Rain is just a party-wide AoE your healer will need to heal through.
  2. Veil of Sky is a magic shield that causes attacks against Isiset to drain her mana instead of health. It also reflects 20% of all incoming spell damage, but can be Purged or Spellstolen.
  3. Celestial Call will summon a Celestial Familiar, which should be killed quickly.

At 66% and 33%, Isiset will split into 3, each having a separate ability.  On each split, you have to kill one of the three for Isiset to merge.  It’s up to you and your group which one you kill first.

What does a hunter need to know?

When Isiset splits, make sure you’re DPSing the right construct.

On heroic?

No change to strategy.

Ammunae < Construct of Life >

This is an optional boss.

Ammunae will spawn a Seedling Pod once every several seconds. You will need to have at least one, typically ranged to kill these because they apply a stacking HoT to the boss.

A few times during the fight Ammunae will cast Rampant Growth, causing nearby Pods to turn into a Bloodpetal Blossom add. If you get any of these adds, kill them quickly, but continue to make sure that those Pods are taken care of post haste.

Wither will be cast, but can largely be ignored since it can be interrupted or dispelled.

Ammunae will also spawn a few Spores during the fight. Kill them and avoid the Spore Cloud they drop. You can use the cloud to kill the Bloodpetal Blossoms as well.

What does a hunter need to know?

You’re likely going to be on pod and add duty.  Just make sure you take them out as quickly as possible.

On heroic?

No change.

Setesh < Construct of Destruction >

This is an optional boss.

First off, Setesh can’t be tanked, so don’t try.

Setesh will cast Seed of Chaos, which deals a little bit of damage, but nothing outrageous.  The biggest thing you can get from Seed of Chaos is a buff that gives you ~15k additional damage per attack for 15 seconds.  As always, avoid purple flying things in the air, and stay out of void zones on the ground.

The big move of the fight is the summoning of Chaos Portals. Setesh will summon those throughout the fight, and they in turn will start summoning adds – a single Void Sentinel, then 2 Void Wurm, then a Void Seeker. Your DPS’ job is to kill the portals quickly, preventing some of the adds from spawning.  Your tank should be picking up the Void Sentinels and running them around the room since they take no damage.

What does a hunter need to know?

DPS the Chaos Portals immediately! The faster it goes down, the easier the fight becomes.

On heroic?

No strategic change.

Rajh < Construct of the Sun >

Rajh starts the fight with 100 Energy, and his abilities have varying energy cost.  When his resources goes to 0, he will move to the center and start a recharging process — which will eventually reset the energy meter back to 100.  During this process, Rajh will cast an AOE that will hit everyone, interrupting Inferno Leap and Summon Sun orb will reduce the damage going out, but keep Rajh’s energy from depleating so quickly, pushing the recharge phase back to give you more time.

Rajh will also summon fiery tornadoes - Solar Winds, that will move around the room, leave trail of fire, and hit players with Solar Winds. Those are easy to avoid, but also not interruptable.

What does a hunter need to know?

DPS the boss as quickly as possible, and stay away from bad stuff.

On heroic?

No change, but there will be lots of damage going out during recharge phase.

Hunter Loot from Halls of Origination:

Good luck!

Strategy: The Stonecore

Morynne —  January 23, 2011 — 3 Comments

The Stonecore is a 5-man dungeon in Deepholm, and all of its loretastic awesomeness.  I hate this place, but love it all at the same time.  Some of the trash mechanics just make me want to claw my eyes out.

  • Here’s the particulars:
  • Location: Deepholm, above the temple.
  • Levels: 82-84 for normal, 85 for heroic
  • Bosses: 4


This fight is deceivingly annoying.  It sounds really easy, but for some reason PUG groups I’ve been with wipe here constantly.

Dampening Wave gets cast on random party members, but the only one that needs to really be paid attention to is the tank.  After all, this thing only lasts 6 seconds.

Move away from Crystal Barrage and be ready to quickly AoE the adds that will spawn from it. Try to kill them from a distance, since they explode in a stacking debuff that increases damage taken. (This is what wipes my groups)

A few times during the fight, Corborus will submerge, and adds will appear.  They do need to be killed, and should take priority, even when Corborus resurfaces.

What does a hunter need to know?

Watch your feet, stay out of the crystal barrage, and help kill adds.

On heroic?

No change.


Slabhide is probably one of my favorite fights in the instance.  This is a fight where ranged DPS can really shine.  Most of this fight is situational awareness, and don’t stand in bad stuff.  Periodically during the fight, Slabhide will cast Sand Blast, which has a cone, so just make sure you’re not standing in front of the dragon.  Stick to the sides and the rear.

Shifting earth will show you where magma pools will spawn, stay out of those.  When the boss becomes airborn, avoid the rocks by not standing in their shadows.

When the boss comes back down, Crystal Storm (heroic only) will happen.  Just get out of line of sight behind one of the rocks.  Keep at least 10 yards away from the boss though, sometimes it will bug and count you in LOS when you’re that close — despite being behind a rock.

What does a hunter need to know?

Be aware of your surroundings — stay out of the goo on the floor, and DPS the boss.

On heroic?

Make sure you hide behind a rock during Crystal Storm.


This fight you have to pay attention.  Elementium Bulwark and Elementium Spike Shield are obstacles for melee and casters, but this is good! You want to keep attacking, and the damage isn’t so bad your healers can’t work through it.  Ground Slam will be cast at Ozruk’s current target, which should be the tank.  The boss doesn’t move or rotate as he casts, so run through him to avoid the damage.  Everyone but the tank should be behind Ozruk the whole fight. Paralyze and Shatter are the next pair of abilities this boss has.  Paralyze hits everyone, but can be broken by damage, which is why you want that DoT on you.  Shatter will likely kill you, and comes right after Paralyze, you’ll want to run away as soon as you’re free.  About 20 yards.

What does a hunter need to know?

Paralyze is terrible if you get stuck, because you’re not likely to have a DoT on you.  If you can stay max range on the right side of the boss, you might be able to avoid the whole mechanic.

On heroic?

No change in mechanics.

High Priestess Azil

This is a 2-phase fight.

Phase 1: Boss Phase

Periodically during this phase, Azil will use Force Grip, which should be interrupted, and Curse of Blood should be removed when able.  Summon Gravity Well is the big ability in this fight, and it will happen pretty frequently.  If you get caught close to a well, you’ll get pulled in and take damage.  Stay away from them.  Adds can be kited into the gravity wells, and should happen as the primary means of dealing with them.

Phase 2: Add Phase

Azil will cast Energy Sheild and move back to her altar, stay away from her to avoid the damage.  Adds will spawn even more frequently, just remember to use the gravity wells to handle them.  DPS down the stragglers.  Watch your feet though, there will be some kicked up dust for Azril’s Seismic Shards — which will kill you instantly.  If you’re feeling frisky, you can force the adds to get hit by these shards.

What does a hunter need to know?

Help kite the adds into the gravity wells, and DPS the boss as much as possible.

On heroic?

No change in strategy.

Hunter Loot from The Stonecore:

Good luck!

Strategy: Heroic Deadmines

Morynne —  January 19, 2011 — 2 Comments

The Deadmines (or affectionately called by many… VanCleef or VC) is the second of the two original dungeons re-done for level 85 content heroics.

Here’s the particulars:

  • Location: Westfall, Moonbrook to be precise.
  • Levels: 15-16 on regular, 85 on heroic
  • Bosses: 6
  • This is a Heroic Guide


This is a 2-phase fight.

During phase 1, just make sure you’re standing away from Glubtok.  He uses Fists of Flame and Fists of Frost, and will blink around resetting the threat table.

Phase 2 is a little bit more complicated.  Glubtok will summon a line of fire that will rotate around the room.  Think of this as the fire version of the Twilight Cutters in Ruby Sanctum.  Just stay ahead of it and you’ll be fine.  This phase also summons adds, DPS them if they get out of hand, but for the most part focus on the boss.  There is other damage going out during the phase, but like anything else, stay out of the stuff on the ground (fire and ice stuff).

What does a hunter need to know?

Phase 1, stand away and be ready to Misdirect on blinks if you think about it.  During phase 2, keep your feet moving and focus on the boss, drop slowing traps and snake traps to help deal with the adds as you play ring-around-the-rosy.

Helix Gearbreaker

The Helix fight is more of a situational awareness fight, there’s a lot of stuff going on.

During the initial phase, Helix jumps on the back of a Lumbering Oaf that needs to be killed first.  While you’re doing that, goblins are throwing bombs out throughout the room, avoid those.  Helix also puts Chest Bombs on people randomly — and if you’re targeted, you need to move away from other people.  Helix will also command the Lumbering Oaf to grab a player and slam them into the wall near the doorway.  Your healers need to be ready to deal with that damage.

Once the oaf is dead, Helix will continue to do Chest Bombs, but more frequently now, and all you have to do is just DPS him down.

What does a hunter need to know?

Avoid the bombs on the floor, and if you get hit with the chest bomb, get away from anyone near you.  Otherwise DPS the Oaf, and then the boss once the oaf is dead.

Foe Reaper 5000

Foe Reaper has a pretty cool mechanic, where one member of your group will be in a Prototype Reaper with some abilities.  The prototype is there to handle the adds that spawn during the fight.

Foe Reaper is most easily tanked on the top of the ramp, leaving the prototype down at the bottom to handle the adds.  If you’re left to work on Foe Reaper, you need to DPS the boss, and get out of glowy stuff on the ground, and if possible, stay out of whirlwind.  Oh, and he cleaves.  Stay away from the business end of the boss.  Around 30%, Foe Reaper gets a buff that gives him 100% more physical damage dealt, so burn as quickly as possible at the end.

Now, if you’re the lucky one that gets to do the Prototype, your rotation should be 1-1-2, which works out to be 2xReaper Strike, followed by Reaper Charge.  This keeps the adds stunned and under control.

What does a hunter need to know?

Save your cooldowns for 30%, DPS the boss, keep your distance and watch your feet for glowy things.

Admiral Ripsnarl

For the most part, this fight is extremely straightforward.  Ripsnarl has a Thirst for Blood that increases every time a successful attack lands on him, stacking up to 20 times.  He charges, and cleaves.  So don’t stand close to your tank, but try to stay on half of the boat.

Every 25% chunk of health on this boss, he will disappear, and you’ll get some Vapor adds which need to go down quickly, otherwise, they’ll Coalesce and do a lot of damage to your group.  Close to 0%, Ripsnarl will summon a lot more vapors, but those should be ignored and just focus down the boss.

What does a hunter need to know?

Switch to adds and avoid cleave.

“Capitan” Cookie

Cookie is stationary during the whole fight, so there’s no real reason to tank him.  Cookie will throw out food from his cauldron throughout the fight, which will litter the floor.  There’s good food (which is glowy and yellow) that gives you a haste buff and removes nauseated stacks, and bad food (which has green swirlies coming out of it) which gives you a stack of Nauseated.

Basically, you have to manage how much good food and bad food is out on the ground, otherwise you’ll have nowhere to stand.  Every time I’ve done this fight, the goal has been to eat as much good food as possible and just burn the boss.

What does a hunter need to know?

Green food is bad, golden food is good.  DPS the boss. /win

Vanessa VanCleef

This fight has a lot to it, so pay attenion.

You pull the boss, and Vanessa will go into a diatribe about something. Eventually she’ll use a Nightmare Elixir on you, and send you back to near the beginning of the instance to survive 4 nightmares.  You will have to make your way through the nightmares, back to the boat in order to kill her.

  • Glubtok’s Nightmare: Avoid the fire and ice.  Nuke Glubtok’s image at the end.
  • Helix’s Nightmare: Multitudes of spiders will assault you as you fight Helix’s image. Ignore them, blow up cooldowns, and burn Helix quickly. Try to stick to the corner of the room, so you don’t aggro too many of them.
  • Mechanical Nightmare: Make your way through the tunnel, and avoid the rotating rods of lightning. I hate this nightmare.  I die to it every time.
  • Ripsnarl’s Nightmare: Kill the two packs of worgens, as well as Ripsnarl’s image before they kill the admiral’s family. The humans can be healed, and the worgens can – and should – be taunted frequently off their targets.

Getting through those 4, you’ll be faced with Vanessa again.  She will summon adds throughout the fight, who should take priority over the boss. At 50%, 25%, and just as she is about to die, Vanessa will set off explosives on the ship. Five ropes will appear on the side of the ship opposite to the one you came from – each player needs to click one of the ropes in order to avoid death.  On the last set of explosives, Vanessa gets a buff called Vengeance of VanCleef, which ends up making the rest of her attacks hurt worse.  Burn her as quickly as possible once you’ve gotten through the last rope phase.

Note: The ropes are being removed in 4.06.

What does a hunter need to know?

No more than any other member of your party.  Survive the nightmares and win, basically.

Hunter Loot from Heroic Deadmines:

Good luck!

Strategy: Heroic Shadowfang Keep

Morynne —  January 15, 2011 — 1 Comment

Shadowfang Keep is one of two instances that were re-tooled for a level 85 character on heroic.  I will have to say that this instance is fun… but maybe a little long for heroic.

Here’s the particulars:

  • Location: the South portion of Silverpine Forest
  • Levels: 18-21 on normal, 85 on heroic
  • Bosses: 5
  • This is a Heroic Guide

Baron Ashbury

Your healers will hate this fight.  It’s important that everyone understand exactly what he’ll do.

You will need at least 1 interrupt, but it’s better if you have 2.

Ashbury will cast Pain and Suffering on random people, and with the remainder of the damage going out, your group will be low on health.  Interrupt this every time.

Ashbury will also cast Wracking Pain, making both his Pain and Suffering and Calamity (in the last part of the fight) much more deadly.

Every 40 seconds or so, Ashbury will cast Asphyxiate on the whole party, reducing everyone’s health to 1, and immediately after that channel Stay of Execution, which heals him and your party for 10% every second.  Interrupt this after 1 tick becuase otherwise this fight goes on FOREVER.

When Ashbury gets to 50% health, he will start using Mend Rotten Flesh, which should be interrupted every time.

At 20%, the boss will take on his Dark Archangel Form, and chain cast Calamity.  At this point, burn the boss and hope your healers can keep you up.

What does a hunter need to know?

On this fight, it’s mostly do as much damage to the boss as possible, and if you’re Marksman, you may want to help clean up the interrupts a little bit with Silencing Shot.

Baron Silverlaine

This fight is almost a tank-and-spank fight.  He uses 2 spells that can be countered.  He will use Summon Worgen Spirit, which will summon one of the pre-Cataclysm SFK worgen bosses.  They all have different abilities, but nothing you have to pay attention to.  Just burn the boss.

Silverlaine will also cast Cursed Veil, which your healer should remove quickly.

What does a hunter need to know?

Burn the boss.  If the adds get out of control, DPS them down, CC, kite — do what hunters do best.

Commander Springvale

When I did this fight, the tank pulled him all the way to the courtyard to handle him instead of dealing with the adds.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Blizzard eventually prevented you from doing this.

When you pull Springvale, he brings 2 adds with him, a Tormeted Officer, and a Wailing Guardsman.  Throughout the fight, Springvale will call for aid, summoning 2 more adds.

If your group can CC undead, use that on the Wailing Guardsman, burn the Tormented Officer, then kill the Guardsman, and back to the boss.  Both adds have Unholy Empowerment, which heals the boss, and allows him to cast high powered abilities.  Interrupt if possible.

Springvale will also cast Desecration on the ground, just get out of it.  He’ll generate Unholy Power (like the Unholy Empowerment) on his own by using Malefic Strike, so you will have to deal with some of his super powerful stuff.

If/when he reaches 3 Unholy Power, he’ll cast Shield of Perfidious, or Word of Shame.  As a general rule, stay behind the boss to avoid the frontal cone for Shield.

What does a hunter need to know?

Trap if you have no other CC.  Remember, that trapping is location based and can sometimes be less reliable than say… shackle undead in this case.

Lord Walden

This guy is basically a game of red-light, green-light.

He throws Frost Mixtures and Poison Mixtures around throughout the fight.  Stay spread out.

He will channel a mysterious mixture as well, and it will be green or red, and it’s chosen randomly every time.  After the mysterious mixture, he’ll cast Ice Shards, so just watch your feet so you can get out of it.

The Green Mixture stacks Toxic Coagulant every second you stay in one place.  Just jump or move during this spell.

The Red mixture stacks Toxic Catalyst whenever you move, so for a red phase, stay put.

What does a hunter need to know?

DPS the boss, but make sure you pay attention to what he’s casting so you can react appropriately.

Lord Godfrey

Godfrey is a pretty straightforward fight for being a final boss.  He needs to be tanked facing away from the healer and DPS. During the fight, he will Summon Bloodthirsty Ghouls, and cast Pistol Barrage after that, targeting a random party member (4.06 update).  The ghouls will typically die to the barrage, so just make sure you kill off any stragglers.

He will cast Mortal Wound on the tank, but it will fall off during Pistol Barrage.

Periodically through the fight, Godfrey will cast Cursed Bullets at people, and if your group can remove curses, remove it, otherwise just heal through it.

What does a hunter need to know?

Stay behind the tank, get out of the Pistol Barrage, and help clean up adds that may still be alive.

Hunter Loot from Heroic Shadowfang Keep

Good luck!