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Strategy: Nefarian

Morynne —  June 24, 2011 — 1 Comment


I managed to get into my guild’s Nef kill. So here we go!

  • Name: Nefarian
  • Raid: Blackwing Descent
  • Tanks Needed: 2-3
  • Phases: 3
  • Catch: Very different mechanics in each phase.
  • This guide is for the normal encounter.

This fight is broken up in three phases, the first of which you have to kill undead Onyxia — which is amazing in and of itself.  Second phase is dealing with a lot of raid damage and interrupts, and the third phase is a burn phase.

Phase 1: Sibling Rivalry

The fight begins by jumping off the ledge and pulling Onyxia.  If you are late jumping down, or forget, Nef will nuke you from space, so make sure you pay attention.

Nef Phase 1

Positioning is important on this fight, as Ony and Nef can’t be close to each other because they buff each other.  When Ony is pulled, my guild moves her off to the right on the grate (from the platform perspective) with her head pointing toward the wall on the right side of the circle. (Confusing enough? Check diagrams) Nef comes down 30 seconds into the fight, and we pull him around the pillar on the left, again, on the grate.

Onyxia has a mechanic for DPS that is really a pain, especially for range.  She does Tail Lash behind her , Shadowflame Breath in front of her, and Lightning Discharge to her sides.  Range will typically stand off to her side, or close to one of her back feet.  When Lightning Discharge happens, quickly move between her back legs to avoid the discharge. You will be hit with the Tail Lash, but that damage is less than the discharge.  Definitely a “lesser of two evils” decision.

Nef is pretty similar when it comes to abilities, but a more persistent lightning mechanic.  Nefarian casts Tail Lash and Shadowflame Breath just like Onyxia, but instead of Lightning Discharge, he casts Electrocute, a massive Nature-damage AOE that is triggered at every 10% of his HP. Use personal and raid-wide cooldowns to reduce damage.

Several Animated Bone Warriors spawn from Nefarian’s Hail of Bones. On 25s, the adds are kited by a tank but on 10s, they can be handled by dps with kiting and CC abilities. The raid should move away when the adds are spawning, or else they will take shadow damage. These adds begin with 100 energy and can be slowed and stunned. The adds will die when their energy decreases to 0.  The goal here is to get all the adds to die in a pile so when Phase 3 begins, they’re easy to pick up.

The goal of this phase is to DPS Onyxia down, and kill her, after about 2 cycles of Nefarian’s Electrocute.  When Onyxia dies, you will move into Phase 2.  The strategy I’ve used is to have a DPS on Nef as soon as he lands, then when your DPS tank for the Bone Warriors is done with them, get on Nef and DPS there.  Then as another cycle of Electrocute comes up, move another DPS over to Nef.  Fun fact: If you position correctly, your folks on Nef will not be hit by Lightning Discharge.

The positioning on the Bone Warriors is also important.  They should not be in the line of fire of the shadow breath from Nef or Onyxia — they reanimate with those hits.  Once they’re down in phase 1, you want them to stay down.

Phase 2: Magma is Hot

Once Onyxia dies, Nef takes flight and fills the basin with magma.  It’s hot, you want to minimize your time in it.  It’s important to have a plan for your raid prior to entering this phase.

Each pillar will have a mob on it, and has an ability that MUST be interrupted.  Ideally, each pillar will have 1 healer, 1-2 DPS, and at least one person who can interrupt.  Shaman are great because the cooldown on their interrupt is very quick, as opposed to Scatter Shot or Silencing Shot, with it’s awesome 20-30 second CD.

Once those mobs are down on all three pillars, the magma will drain.  Jump off the pillar and enter phase 3.

Phase 3: Burn!

This phase is very similar to phase 1, minus Onyxia. Tank Nefarian in the center of the room. Raid will still need to watch out for Electrocutes, Shadowflame Breath, and Tail Lash.

Bone Warriors will be reanimated during this phase with Shadowblaze, so again, that tidy pile makes things much easier here.

Nefarian will periodically cast Shadowblaze Spark in the direction of the Animated Bone Warriors which will regen their energy in a similar fashion to Shadowflame Breath and damage anyone standing in the purple fire. (As always, stay out of stuff trying to eat your feet) The add tank must make sure the adds are not slowed or snared at this point, to make it easier to move them away when this casts. As the fight progresses, Nefarian will cast Shadowblaze Spark progressively faster, covering the room in purple fire and making it extremely difficult to kite.

The easiest way we’ve found to handle positioning on this phase is to again, tank Nef in the middle of the room, and tank the warriors out closer to the grate.  Your warrior tank will move in one direction (clockwise or counter, doesn’t matter) and Nef should be adjusted slightly in the opposite direction.  All of your raid (other than your tanks) should be grouped up on Nef’s side and make sure to keep moving as he’s being turned.  This is where AOE heals come in super handy — Nef still does Electrocute every 10%, so optimizing your mana use is going to be very important.  The Bone Warriors will deactivate when they reach 0 energy, but not for long.  They will activate when they’re hit with Shadow damage.

This is the right phase to blow all your cooldowns, drink your potions, and make it end as quickly as possible.  Your healers will thank you.

What does a Hunter need to know?

Phase 1: If you’re lucky, you’ll be the DPS that gets to go over to Nef early.  If that’s the case, just DPS as much as you can on Nef.  It’s worth calling out when Nef is nearing a 10% marker so your healers can prepare for Electrocute.  If you’re on Ony, make sure you know how to avoid her lightning discharge.  Back foot, and between her back legs are where you want to be standing.

Phase 2: Burn your add as fast as you can, interrupt when you’re able.  Be careful with your pet positioning — I’ve had my pet die to magma before, so make sure to keep your buddy from dying a molten death. A comment from Twitter @LedonLite said that using glyph’d Raptor Strike helps mitigate some of the shadow damage coming down in phase 2, as well as electrocutes.

Phase 3: Stay grouped up with your raid on Nef’s side.  Be aware of the purple fire on the ground, and DPS as fast as you can.  Blow cooldowns and use any damage reducing abilities for Electrocute (Dwarf hunters, I’m looking at you.  Stoneform.)

Hunter Loot from Nefarian

Still having trouble? Check out Tankspot’s video.

Good luck!

Strategy: Heroic Atramedes

Morynne —  June 10, 2011 — 1 Comment

Heroic Atramedes is very much the same in principle as the normal encounter, with a bit of a twist. I wouldn’t say it’s more difficult, just different.

  • Name: Atramedes
  • Raid: Blackwing Descent
  • Tanks Needed: 1
  • Phases: 2 (Ground and Air, alternating)
  • Catch: You now have a sound bar to watch.
  • This guide is for the heroic encounter. Normal strategy can be found here.

The basic strategy is largely unchanged — stay out of circles, keep your sound down, run away when you’re being tracked, and stay out of fire.  The catch is that the circles hit your sound for significantly more.  You absolutely cannot be taking extraneous sound — there’s very little room for error.

On Heroic, you’re limited to 7 gongs versus the normal 10.  Nefarian destroys an additional gong during ground phase uses — so make sure when you use them on the ground, you’re using them for the right reasons.

Two Obnoxious Fiends will spawn per ground phase—one in the middle and one towards the end. These attach themselves to a random raid member and must be burned down immediately by the raid. They have minimal health but cast Obnoxious, a cast which gives the attached player 10 additional sound if not interrupted.

In the air phase, Sonar Bombs will spawn more frequently and the Roaring Flame Breath will move faster as well.

So really, your raid has to be more on top of their spatial awareness, and be able to quickly switch targets and kill the fiends.  Otherwise, the fight is unchanged.

What does a Hunter need to know?

The biggest thing to know here is how to handle the adds.  Obviously, DPS the ones you can at range, and utilize interrupts as you’re able (Scatter Shot, Silencing Shot) to keep the add’s target from taking additional sound.  Quickly switch back and forth between Atramedes and the adds.  During air phase, if you’re not already in Aspect of the Fox, switch to it, and continue your rotation as you run around to avoid circles and fire.  You should be able to keep damaging pretty normally unless you get chased by fire.

Hunter Loot from Heroic Atramedes

Still having trouble? Check out Tankspot’s video.

Good luck!

Chimaeron continues to be a healing intensive, control fight, but now it’s with more health, and more damage going out.  Nefarian adds some new tricks, and makes things more intesting.

  • Name: Chimaeron
  • Raid: Blackwing Descent
  • Tanks Needed: 2ish
  • Phases: 2
  • Catch: This is a control fight for your healers.
  • This guide is for the heroic encounter. Normal guide here.

The basics of this fight are identical to the normal encounter, so I recommend familiarizing yourself with that first.

Phase 1: Bile-o-Tron

Largely from a DPS perspective, this phase remains unchanged.  Tanks and healers might say otherwise though.  Instead of grouping up when Chimaeron Feuds, the focus needs to be whether the Bile-o-Tron is online.  If it’s online, spread out, if it’s offline, group up.  The Feuds in heroic last only for a couple seconds because Nefarian breaks up the quarreling heads of Chimaeron, and we’re back to the same mechanics of individuals being targeted and Massacre going out.  When the Bile-o-Tron comes back up, spread back out before the next Massacre.

From a tanking perspective, because the Feuds are so short, Break can stack to very dangerous levels because there’s little time .  Your tanks need to be very aware what their stacks are at, and make sure they don’t take too many.  This is probably the most complicated part of this encounter to learn to cope with.

Phase 2: Burn

As Chimaeron is transitioning into phase 2, make sure your raid is as high up as possible, and your tanks move as low as they can on the threat meter — so Chimaeron doesn’t take them out first. Should be noted that Nefarian casts Mocking Shadows on the raid in addition to Mortality, which deals 1-2k shadow damage per second. The raid must be topped going into phase 3 or else everyone will quickly die.  Blow all cooldowns, and be prepared with a quick Ankh or bubble to let the DOTS tick to kill him.

What does a Hunter need to know?

The heroic version of this encounter is largely unchanged from a ranged DPS perspective.  You’ll likely be sitting right at the enrage timer the first few times you kill him though.  Considering it’s a 7 minute enrage, it’s worth mentioning that you can pre-pot and use your Rapid Fire cooldowns at the beginning of the fight to maximize your DPS early.  Just be careful not to pull threat.  By the time phase 2 rolls around, you’ll likely have your Rapid Fire up again — just in time to burn the boss.

Hunter Loot from Heroic Chimaeron

Still having trouble? Ask questions in the comments or check out Tankspot’s video!

Good luck!

Strategy: Atramedes

Morynne —  March 1, 2011 — 3 Comments

This big guy is blind, and is pretty dang resourceful.  He’s an experiment gone wrong between Maloriak and Nefarian.  To be honest, this is one of the most innovative fights I’ve seen Blizzard do in awhile.

  • Name: Atramedes
  • Raid: Blackwing Descent
  • Tanks Needed: 1
  • Phases: 2 (Ground and Air, alternating)
  • Catch: You now have a sound bar to watch.
  • This guide is for the normal encounter. Heroic guide found here.

Empty Sound Bar - This is good

Full Sound Bar - This is bad.

Because Atramedes is blind, he’s learned to use sonar to locate your raid members.  You will have a sound bar show up on your screen when the boss is pulled, and the more “sound” you have, the more damage you’ll take and will change how fast Atramedes is able to zero in on your location (and kill you).

The sound bar increases when you get hit by Atramedes’ abilities, and if you reach 100, Atramedes will turn and kill you outright.  If you’re running Deadly Boss Mods, there will be a window that comes up on your scree that will tell you how much sound the outliers in your raid have.

Phase 1: Ground Phase (80 Seconds)

  • Sonar Pulse: Atramedes creates four disks in random locations around the room. These move around slowly, and if they touch you you take some damage and gain 7 sound.  My guild calls these “Tron Circles”
  • Modulation: This damages and applies 7 sound to every raid member. Cannot be avoided.  Just take it.
  • Sonic Breath: This is cast on the target who has the current highest amount of sound, and affects anyone else standing nearby. When you get Sonic Breath, “kite” it in one direction while the rest of the raid moves in the other direction to reduce damage to the rest of the raid. The more sound you have, the faster the flames will reach you—meaning other raid members will take more damage before you have the chance to move.
  • Searing Flame: This does a ton of damage to the whole raid. It can be interrupted by ringing any of the 10 gongs that are sitting around the room. Hitting the gongs will stun Atramedes and increase his damage taken for 5 seconds, but afterwards Atramedes will find and destroy the gong you hit—so you only get to do this 10 times.

So let’s talk about positioning…

Click to Enlarge. General Placement

Atramedes will pull from the far side, and it’s best to have a Misdirect pull if possible.  The tank will be to the left of the door (facing it) and the range will be to the right.  Melee will be at the other side of the dragon.  You can put a healer in this group too for better coverage.

Click to Enlarge. Sonic Breath Handling

Now, dealing with Sonar pulse, your range group will always want to move right. Toward the door. Why? Well if Atramedes targets a range with Sonic Breath, that range will continue to run to the right (up toward the tank) until it’s over, and won’t be dragging the beam through the remainder of your range.  When Sonic Breath goes out, everyone who is NOT targeted moves left.  Something similar happens for melee.

Periodically throughout the ground phase, Searing Flame will be used, and can’t go for more than a tick.  Typically it’s best to have 1-2 people assigned to handling the gongs, and they need to be ready to hit it after the first tick of Searing Flame goes out.  Every time a gong gets hit, your sound also gets reset.

Once your 80 seconds have elapsed, Atramedes will take flight.

Phase 2: Air Phase (40 seconds)

  • Atramedes will cast Sonic Breath on the player with the highest amount of sound from the air as well, chasing down that player and damaging him until you’re forced to interrupt it by hitting one of the gongs again. After this, Atramedes will chase down the player that used the gong. You’ll want to have a player with movement speed (like a rogue, or a druid) do this.
  • The fire breath, as well as another ability called Roaring Flames, will spawn flame patches on the ground that damage players and increase their sound level. As always, stay out of fire.
  • Sonar Pulse: These spawn a disc on the ground, and seconds later a missile will come down to that spot and explode. Keep moving and don’t get hit.

During the air phase, it’s most important to stay moving, and as a hunter, continue to damage the boss.  When the phase is over, make sure you’re back to phase 1, and the cycle repeats itself.

What does a Hunter need to know?

During phase 1, it’s all about not getting hit with unnecessary sound, damage, and coordinated movement.  If you get hit with Sonic Breath, make sure you move the right direction, and if you’re not picked, move out of the way.  In Phase 2, the Hunter class really shines.  Use Aspect of the Fox and continue to DPS the boss through moving around.  If you happen to be the designated gong-hitter, make sure you time it correctly to interrupt after 1 tick during the normal phases.  During the Air phase, it’ll usually be handled by a rogue or a druid.

Hunter Loot from Atramedes

Need more help? Check out Tankspot’s video.

Good luck!

Strategy: Maloriak

Morynne —  February 18, 2011 — 2 Comments

Maloriak is the mad scientist to Nefarian’s ambitions.  He is the driving force behind Chimaeron as well as Atramedes, which you’ll see in a nifty cut scene before the blind dragon pull.

  • Name: Maloriak
  • Raid: Blackwing Descent
  • Tanks Needed: 2
  • Phases: Technically 2, Really there’s 4
  • Catch: You need to be really good at changing strategy based on color.
  • This guide is for the normal encounter.

The reality of this fight is just a big game of red, blue, and green light.  I hope you’re not colorblind!  Maloriak changes the colors in the fight by throwing vials into his cauldron.  The colors from now on will be called “Red Vial,” “Blue Vial,” and “Green Vial.”  The order of the vials can be Blue/Red/Green, or Red/Blue/Green.  The third vial is always a green one.

Throughout the fight, Maloriak will use Arcane Storm, and it must be interrupted.  Anything to help slow that cast timer will also be appreciated by your interrupters. He also uses Remedy on himself, which will need to be dispelled.

Phase 1: OMG Colors!

  • Throughout this phase, Maloriak will occasionally cast Release Aberrations, which will spawn three adds. Those adds have a buff which minimizes their damage taken. More on that later.
  • Red Vial – When this happens, you need to group up! My guild tends to tank him right in front of the cauldron, and everyone stacks up right behind the tank.
    • Scorching Blast - Targets a random player, then does fire damage in a cone.  The damage is split across all raid members in the cone.
    • Consuming Flames – If you’re targeted with this, you need to move away from the group.
  • Blue Vial – Spread out! Maloriak is tanked in the same place, but your raid needs to be evenly spread out behind the tank across the room — door side.
    • Biting Chill - Damages a random raid member and anyone standing near him. This is the reason why you’re spread out.  If you are melee heavy, may want to give them a designated spot to go to to get away from the group. ProTip: Beside the cauldron is typically away enough.
    • Flash Freeze – Remember the ice blocks in Hodir? Same deal, break out the ice blocks when they happen.
  • Green Vial – Lots of adds! Lots of AOE!
    • Remember the Aberrations? You do want to interrupt some of those casts of Release Aberrations.  In order to prevent your add tank from getting overrun, it’s a good idea to only have to deal with 9 at a time, until a green phase comes up.
    • Maloriak will coat everything in the room with Debilitating Slime. This increases everyone’s damage taken (including Maloriak’s), but more importantly it counters the protection buff the adds mentioned above have.
    • A total of 18 adds can spawn, and to beat the enrage, you can only have 2 green phases.
    • Group up the released adds on Maloriak and AOE everything down.  When the adds are down, burn the boss.

Phase 2: Burn!

At 25%, Maloriak will enter phase 2, and will release all of his remaining minions, including 2 large ones that need to be kited around the room by the add-tank

Maloriak also gains 3 new abilities:

  • Fire – He will periodically cast Magma Jets on a random raid member. He will face the target beforehand and this can be strafed out of. It also knock the target into the air, causing fall damage. So yeah.  As always, fire is bad.
  • Frost – He will also cast Biting Chill which is an orb summoned below the target and slowly drops to the ground, exploding on impact. Blue orbs? stay away from those.
  • Poison – Finally, he will cast Acid Nova which will hit the whole raid and do AoE damage. This is just be healed through.

The strategy here is avoid the damage around the room and DPS the boss as fast as you can.

What does a Hunter need to know?

During the first phase, make sure you’re dropping Frost traps wherever your add tank is heading.  The adds don’t hit terribly hard, but when there’s a lot of them, it can be a little overhwelming.  This is a Survival-friendly fight, just because during the green phase you need to bust out as much AOE damage as possible.  Mutli-shot, Explosive Trap, and Snake trap all need to be happening.   Once the adds are down, burn the boss as fast as you can.  During phase 2, burn quick, but make sure you’re aware of what’s around you.  If you get a blue orb near you, burn your Disengage to quickly get away, and as always, fire is bad.

Hunter Loot from Maloriak

Still having issues? Check out TankSpot’s video.

Good luck!

Strategy: Chimaeron

Morynne —  February 15, 2011 — 3 Comments

Chimaeron is an experiment that has been mangled by Nefarian over time. This guy is deadly, thankfully we have Finkle around to save our behinds.

The basics of this fight are: keep one of your two tanks topped off all the time, the rest of your raid above 10k HP, and in phase 3, it’s a race to see who dies first.

Phase 1: Bile-o-Tron

When you enter Chimaeron’s room, you’ll see him passed out on the ground.  Your raid should be evenly spread out around the room.  To start the fight, you talk to Finkle Einhorn in the cage at the back of the room.  When you do, a Bile-o-Tron will activate, and buff your raid.  The buff keeps your raid from dying while you’re about 10k HP, and any attack will just reduce your health to 1HP.

Your main tank will also be held to the 10k rule for this phase, but your second tank that is soaking Double Attack will need to be topped off during the whole fight.  Double attack happens pretty frequently throughout the fight, but basically it’s 2 very quick hits that will drop a tank to dead in no time.  The restriction of the buff you’ve got is once you’re at 1HP, the next hit you take will kill you. Your second tank MUST be topped off the whole fight.

During the phase, Chimaeron will cast Caustic Slime on 2 random raid members, and this happens about every 30-45 seconds.  This drops those 2 targets to 1HP (because it would otherwise kill them), and they need to be healed back to 10k very quickly.

Chimaeron will periodically cast Massacre, which will drop your entire raid to just 1 HP.  When it happens, it does weaken the Bile-o-Tron, and after a few of them, the bot will go offline.  When the bot is offline, Chimaeron’s heads will Feud, and keep him from attacking for about 30 seconds.  Caustic slime will still go out.  Keep in mind, when the Bile-o-Tron is offline, you will no longer have the buff that keeps you alive.  It’s important during Feud that you do group up together to split the damage and AOE heal as much as possible.  He will end his Feud with a Massacre, and the Bile-o-Tron comes back online.

When the boss reaches 20%, he will enter phase 2.

Phase 2: Turn and Burn

During phase 2, Chimaeron will get a buff called Mortality, which increases damage taken by him, and debuffs the raid with Mortality, which reduces healing taken by 99%.  This is a burn phase.  Since your healers can’t heal, they might as well DPS.

The strategy for this phase is really when you enter it.  The goal should ultimately be enter phase 2 with as much health as possible, and then burn the boss as fast as you can.  It’s truly kill or be killed here.  Save your DPS cooldowns for this phase.

What does a Hunter need to know?

During the initial phase, make sure you’re spread out and DPS as fast as possible.  Collapse into the group for Feud, and disengage back out when it’s time to spread again. During phase 2, use any potions you may have brought, and use Rapid Fire.  Turn Growl on your pet, and misdirect to it as much as possible in phase 2.  Feign death as much as you can.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been the highest on DPS for this fight, and the last (wo)man standing.

Hunter Loot from Chimaeron

  • Chimaeron Armguards - It’s worth noting that these bracers are really the only option for epics in the current Tier 11 bracket of PvE gear.

Still need more help? Check out Tankspot’s video.

Good luck!

Strategy: Magmaw

Morynne —  February 3, 2011 — 2 Comments

Magmaw is a very angry worm, and one of the two encounters you must beat in order to proceed deeper into Blackrock Depths.  With his flailing mini-arms and chittering mandible, you should quake in fear, or excitement.  Whatever suits you best. (The diagrams in this guide were shamelessly nabbed from mmo-champion’s contest for awesome guides — this one is just too cute!)

  • Name: Magmaw
  • Raid: Blackrock Depths
  • Tanks Needed: 1
  • Phases: 2
  • Catch: Adds, lots and lots of adds.
  • This guide is for the normal encounter.

Phase 1: Fire Pillar Phase

Magmaw will cast Pillar of Flame, marking a location and giving you four seconds to get out of the area. If you’re too slow, you get a massive damage knockback.

Pillar of Fire will also spawn Lava Parasites. If these hit you, they apply a debuff which, after 10 seconds, will explode into AOE damage on the raid and spawn more Lava Parasites. You don’t want to get hit by these.  Abilities like Ice Trap and Ice Shards will save your raid. Freeze the Parasites and then kill them as soon as possible from range. This ability is on about a 30-second cooldown, so make sure your parasites are down before the next round.

Throughout this phase, Magmaw will Mangle your tank, causing massive damage every few seconds. After 30 seconds of this he’ll eat your tank, preventing him from taking any action. Have your tank either blow his cooldowns right before the timer is up and muscle through it. HoTs here are also a huge winner.

Magmaw will also periodically cast Ignition, which will set one half of the room on fire. Clearly fire is bad.  You shouldn’t stand in it.

How do we handle this?

Positioning and add management are key for this fight.  When you’re going into the room, you’ll notice a massive spike toward the ledge.  You’ll want to position your DPS and healers in this location.  Your tanks should position themselves to the right of the spike in order to get mangled by Magmaw.

For this fight, you will need 1-2 kiters to manage the adds throughout the fight.  For my guild, we’re using a Frost mage and a hunter (myself) standing out to drop traps to help the mage.  The mage ultimately kites the adds through the frost traps, and dpses them down, the hunter standing out is just a frost-trap bot, and pillar of flame target.  The mage starts the fight with the dps/healer group and moves out when the first pillar is dropped.  The hunter (or other range target) stands out max range from the healer group to give plenty of time for those adds to be picked up before they try to eat the healers.

When Magmaw casts Pillar of Flame, you will have a great big fire circle below you, move out.  That’s also a perfect target to drop your frost trap.

This phase goes on throughout the fight, and is briefly interrupted by Phase 2.

Phase 2: Magmaw’s Impailed Head

Periodically, Magmaw will slump forward and flail his tiny arms.  He will now be able to be jumped on – this should be saved for your melee.  On a 10-man fight, 2 people jump on Magmaw.  When on the back of Magmaw, the ability Constricting chains is gained.  This takes a little bit of coordination — that ability has to be used at the same time for both people on Magmaw.  Basically you use the ability, and target the spike.  If you’re successful, Magmaw will become impailed on the spike and not be able to do anything.  Magmaw will take double the amount of damage, so this should be your nuke phase.  Magmaw will eventually break free, and you’re back into phase 1.

What does a Hunter need to know?

Depending on the strategy your raid is using, you might be the kiter for those adds.  Make sure you’re spec’d for maximum AoE damage, and glyph for Frost Trap — it gives you extra radius.  The parasites need to die quickly, so there’s a possibility your raid will have a totally different strategy.  Just be prepared to do lots of AOE damage to the parasites, drop your frost traps smartly, and DPS the boss when all parasites are down.  During phase 2, make sure you’re targeting the Impailed Head of Magmaw — as it’s a totally different target.

The biggest part to this fight is being able to deal with the parasites, and when Magmaw gets impailed, DPS your brains out.

Hunter Loot from Magmaw:

Still need more help? Check out Tankspot’s video. (note: TS’s strategy may differ from mine, clearly use whatever works best for your raid.)

This encounter is a council-type fight, and consists of being able to handle four different mobs, and their various abilities. In Blackwing Descent, you can either start with ODS or you can start with Magmaw, which will be covered in a later post.

  • Name: Toxitron, Electron, Magmatron, Arcanotron
  • Raid: Blackwing Descent
  • Phases: Many
  • Catch: You can be dealing with any combination of 2 throughout the fight.
  • Tanks needed: 2
  • This guide is for the normal encounter.

All four constructs will share the same health pool — so it doesn’t matter how much you burn down one of them, they all go down at once.  Your goal will be to DPS the construct who is most recently active.  Each construct has a shield or shell it puts up after the next construct becomes active.  Once the third construct becomes active, the first one goes dormant.  It might sound confusing, but it’s really not that bad.

Let’s talk about these guys…


  • Chemical Bomb -  Causes chemical AOE which doubles damage taken. Affects constructs as well as raid members.
  • Poison Protocol – Spawns an ooze that will fixate on a random raid member, and if it reaches its target, it will explode causing massive damage.  If you’re targeted, make sure you run away until it’s gone.
  • Poison Soaked Shell – Causes a stacking DoT to people who attack the construct.  The DoT also adds nature damage to your attacks, so if you do DPS while this is up, watch your stacks.


  • Lightning Conductor – This will target a random raid member and cause them to do damage to other raid members.  If you get targeted with this, run out of the raid.
  • Electrical Discharge – Chain lightning.  Stay spread out.
  • Unstable Shield – Does AoE damage when attacked.  Don’t DPS when this is active.


  • Incineration Security Measure – This does massive AoE damage to the raid.  It cannot be prevented, just heal through it.
  • Acquiring Target – Targets a random raid member with a red beam for 4 seconds, then hits them with a flamethrower.  If you’re the target, stand there.  Everyone else, get out of the damage cone.
  • Barrier – This absorbs some damage Magmatron would normally take, then explodes to damage the raid.  Don’t DPS when this is up.


  • Power Generator – Summons an arcane puddle on the floor that increases damage done by anyone standing in it.  Get the constructs out, your DPS in.
  • Arcane Annihilator – Single target damage.  Can’t be interrupted, heal through it.
  • Power Conversion – Converts incoming damage to increased DPS.  Purge, spellsteal, or stop damage when this is active.

As stated earlier, the grouping that you’ll have is going to be entirely random.  Let’s talk about some combinations.

  • Arcanotron/Magmatron
    • This combination tends to be one of the more annoying. On one hand, you want to have your group spread out because of Magmatron, but grouped up because of the arcane puddles from Arcanotron. In this case, the strategy would be to stay spread out, because dead DPS do 0 dps. I’d rather them be alive.
  • Electron/Toxitron
    • This is also one of the more annoying combinations. You need to be spread out to avoid the chain lightning of Electron, but faced with the slimes from Toxitron, you have people running through the raid getting close to people. For this, you have to stay spread out, and have your healers step up their game.
  • Toxitron/Magmatron
    • This, according to my Resto Shaman husband, is the most healing intensive. You’re dealing with the slimes again, but you’re also juggling the red laser beam flamethrower target. God forbid someone gets both. That slime should take priority.
  • Magmatron/Electron
    • This is one of the easiest combinations because both constructs require being spread out. Your healers should be able to regain some mana during this phase.

What does a Hunter need to know?

Stay spread out if Magmatron and/or Electron are active.  Be ready to deal with slimes if Toxitron is up, and nothing special for Arcanotron.  ALWAYS DPS the most recently active construct, and watch your pet — make sure it’s attacking the right target!  Other than that, blow your cooldowns on a phase where you’re not likely to have to move much (like Magmatron/Electron) and DPS as quickly as possible.

Hunter Loot from Omnitron Defense System:

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Good luck!