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I finally got into a Ruby Sanctum Kill, huzzah!

I’m not going to get into the 3 mini-bosses that you have to kill before you get to Halion, but there are many guides out there on the internet, including Tankspot that will walk you through it.

Now you’ve killed the mini-bosses, and you’re facing big purple meanie himelf.

What’s he do?  Let’s break it down into his 3 phases:

Phase 1: (Physical Realm)

  • Twilight Precision – Increases Halion’s chance to hit by 5% and decreases all players’ chance to dodge by 20%.
  • Flame Breath – Inflicts 26,250 to 33,750 Fire damage to players in front of Halion.
  • Meteor Strike – Inflicts 18,750 to 21,250 Fire damage to enemies within 12 yards of the targeted area. Takes about 5 seconds to land. Shoots X-shaped lines of fire after it hits the ground.
  • Fiery Combustion – Inflicts 4,000 Fire damage every 2 seconds for 30 seconds to a random raider. Every time Fiery Combustion does damage, it applies a stackable Mark of Combustion.
    • Mark of Combustion – Has no immediate effect on the target. When removed (by either magic-remover or curse-remover, or after 30 seconds) it causes a Combustion of size proportional the the number of Marks.
    • Combustion – Inflicts 3,500 to 4,500 Fire damage every second to targets that remain within the explosion area. Combustion has 6 yards radius. Also knocks nearby players back with Fiery Combustion.

Well now what? How do I deal with all that craziness?

Your raid will be all grouped up on Halion’s side — be careful, he’s a dragon.  He breathes fire and has a tail swipe.  Basically stay away from the 2 dangerous sides of the dragon.

During the first phase, random raid members will get the Mark of Combustion as referenced above.  That raid member needs to run to the edge of the fiery ring and get dispelled.  The longer the Mark of Combustion is on the target, the bigger the “void zone” of fire is.  Speed is key here.

Meteor strike isn’t a new mechanic.  Fiery ball drops from the sky and hurts badly.  Since your raid is grouped up on the side of the dragon, it will drop on the raid.  Meteor strike puts its mark on the ground, your whole raid needs to run through Halion (toward the belly or back feet to avoid the dangerous sides of the dragon) and change sides to continue DPSing.  This will continue until 75%.

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