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So I’m going to start off by saying I hate this fight.  Not necessarily because it’s difficult, but because I have strong feelings about a “PvP” fight in PvE environments.  Yes, I know that it’s not quite like PvP, but it’s closer to that than a raid boss.

You are essentially fighting a mob of 10 Champions from the opposite faction.  In a 25m raid, there are 3 healers, a few plate wearers and some more DPS.  Holy Priest seems to be popular, as does the Hunter and the Rogue – so be familiar with how to handle those guys.  Realistically, your job will be to do a TON of damage to the focus target.

The biggest things I can say about this fight is that there really no strategy beyond owning face.  I’m not the one that sets up the kill order, but I do know it’s usually best to take out the Holy Priest or the Resto Druid first.  Tranq shot will help you here removing HoTs and dispelling things like Blood Lust (or Heroism for those of you who fight the Alliance).  Frost traps will help your cloth wearers get away from melee who target them.  The mobs in this fight tend to get distracted pretty easily and lose interest in a target that runs from them.  Feign Death works to get them off of you, which is a good thing.  Blow your cooldowns as soon as they come up, you will need them especially to take out those healers.

Good Luck!

Videos and Hunter Loot after the jump.

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ToGC 25m – Lord Jaraxxus

Morynne —  November 30, 2009 — Leave a comment

Well you’ve made it. On to Boss 2!Lord Jaraxxus

Lord Jaraxxus is relatively easy from a hunter’s perspective.  The worst part about the fight is keeping your DPS up, and knowing when to utilize cooldowns and speed pots.

Things to know:

  1. Jaraxxus takes forever to kill Wilfred Fizzlebang.  Don’t fall asleep!
  2. Make a macro to target Nether Portals and Infernal Volcanos.  I’ll explain why shortly.
  3. Make sure Tranq Shot is on your bar.
  4. Green fire = bad.

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The Encounter: 3 of the terrifying beasts from Northrend.  Beasts will spawn after talking to an NPC at the entrance of the raid.  You have a set time limit to defeat each beast.

Phase 1: Gormok the Impailer

This guy is a DPS race.  Not necessarily on the boss himself, but on his Snobold Vassals he pitches at people.  The boss has some interrupting abilities, does a debuff on the tanks — but let’s not kid ourselves here.  That stuff doesn’t matter too much to a hunter. Continue Reading…