Add-on: MisDirectionHelper2

I’ve spent probably about a month with MisdirectionHelper2, and I really like it.  It saves me from having more than one macro for misdirecting, and makes the whole process very painless.

Here’s what the author had to say about the add-on:

  • Intelligently creates and self modifies your misdirection / tricks of the trade macro for easy control of your misdirection / tricks of the trade ability.
  • Unique LDB / minimap button tooltip that allows for quick misdirection / tricks of the trade assignments that auto adjust your macro on the fly.

Using Misdirection Helper 2

Set your misdirection / tricks of the trade target using either the LDB dropdown menu, or the dropdown menu from the minimap button. Misdirection Helper will create a macro in your character specific macros. Just drag this onto your action bar and use when required. If you change your misdirection / tricks of the trade target using the dropdown menu, the macro will automatically update.

From version it is possible to set two targets. Left click on an option in the dropdown menu to set one target, right click on an option to set a second target (doing the same on Clear Target clears the relevant target). When you use the macro, left clicking will misdirect / tricks of the trade to the target set from the dropdown menu (left click), right clicking will target the target set from right clicking the dropdown menu. Holding down the shift key whilst clicking the macro should cause it to behave as though you had just click the standard misdirection / tricks of the trade icon on your action bar.

Please note that you cannot change your misdirection / tricks of the trade target during combat as addons are prevented from modifying macros unless your character is out of combat.

Data Broker

Misdirection helper includes Data Broker support. This provides one click access to the interface and right click access to a drop down menu.

NOTE: To see the Data Broker features, you will need to use a Data Broker Display addon, such as BazookaButton BinFortress or Chocolate Bar.

All data broker options are also available via a minimap button.

The add-on itself is very easy to configure.  Assuming you have a Broker bar, you’ll see an addition to your bar with the MD icon and a name next to it, otherwise you’ll see the menu attached to your mini-map.  Click on that menu, and it’ll give you a target selection box.  Pick your target, and it’ll update an automatically generated macro.  Just drop the macro into your favorite MD location, and you’re good to go.

Pros to MisDirectionHelper2

  • Super simple MD management.
  • Up to 2 different MD targets handled by the macro.

Cons to MisDirectionHelper2

  • Can’t change the macros in combat. (Blizzard restriction, not the add-on)
  • If you tend to run 3-4 MD macros at a time, this add-on won’t handle them all.
  • No ability to negate either macro, and force normal usage of MD, creating the need to have another button for Misdirection.

Bottom line, the pro’s to using this add-on far outweigh the negatives.  If you raid or instance a lot, or even farm things on your own, this add-on will improve your quality of life.  Do I think this add-on is necessary? No, but it makes life easier, and I think everyone should try it out.

Do you know of an add-on I should check out? Drop it in the comments!

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