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Preliminary MM DPS in 4.0

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Small update until I get home tonight.

I ran through some DPS tests with MM between last night and this morning, and I was able to find that my MM DPS from 3.3.5 to 4.01 has actually gone up ~1000 DPS.  Provided you can get the hang of the Focus management, you should be able to push some pretty respectable numbers still.

I’ll go through MM DPS comparing 3.3.5 to 4.01 fully later on tonight, as well as looking at Beastmastery’s DPS in 4.0.

Until then, enjoy the server lag!

The 7 Points in Beast mastery in the 7/57/7 Spec

First off, the standard 7/57/7 build has many many many variations.  Here is where I intend on going through why certain points go where.  My goal is to take one or two talents per day (for what seems like the next forever) and really dig into why we put points there.

Today I will cover the 7 points in Beast Mastery.

Improved Aspect of the Hawk

  • Rank 1 – While Aspect of the Hawk or Dragonhawk is active, all normal ranged attacks have a 10% chance of increasing ranged attack speed by 3% for 12 sec.
  • Rank 2 – While Aspect of the Hawk or Dragonhawk is active, all normal ranged attacks have a 10% chance of increasing ranged attack speed by 6% for 12 sec.
  • Rank 3 – While Aspect of the Hawk or Dragonhawk is active, all normal ranged attacks have a 10% chance of increasing ranged attack speed by 9% for 12 sec.
  • Rank 4 – While Aspect of the Hawk or Dragonhawk is active, all normal ranged attacks have a 10% chance of increasing ranged attack speed by 12% for 12 sec.
  • Rank 5 – While Aspect of the Hawk or Dragonhawk is active, all normal ranged attacks have a 10% chance of increasing ranged attack speed by 15% for 12 sec.

In a Marksman build, the majority of your damage is going to come from you, and mostly from your physical damage dealing abilities.  Auto-Shot being the most important.  This talent ultimately lets you do more Auto-Shots and Steady Shots.  When this talent goes off, if you have 5 points into it, your Steady Shots cooldown will be close to the Global Cooldown timer.  The more Steady Shots you can get off while your other abilities are on cooldown, the more damage you will be dealing.

Why not Endurance Training?

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I know some of you were reading into my comments a bit much so I’ll try and explain things a little more.

The wolf is overpowered when compared to the other available pets, mostly because it buffs the master. Buffing all of the pets to that level would require a number of different changes to different pets and the chance that one of those buffs would be too much or not enough is reasonably high. When you have say 10 or more things all roughly equal and then one that is outside of that group, the one that’s outside is called an outlier. Defining it as the new normal isn’t smart game design and just like we do with classes, we are likely to nerf the single thing at the top than buff all the others.

It might not be possible to ever get the pets completely identical (see comments below), so very competitive raiders will probably still only take the best one. But if the best one is only slightly ahead of the others, then it will feel more acceptable to some players to run with the pet they like. For most players, improving their own game will have a larger effect than picking the “best in slot” pet if they are comparable.

As far as the Spirit Beasts are concerned, there are several reasons why they would make a bad “best” pet. There are not very many options to choose from and all of them require “farming”; a rare spawn that is more of a testament to blind luck than any kind of player skill. As we said before, there is no advantage to having a wider spectrum of pets to choose from if there is only one right choice.

We have talked about literally making all the pet families identical and letting the player just pick one based on looks. That certainly homogenizes the game quite a bit, which is why we haven’t done it, but it would ultimately allow pet choice to be cosmetic.

In the end, yes, we do want to get BM competitive with Survival and Marks. We even did some buffs in 3.3 to help them get there but the reason for my comments earlier is that we’d rather have two viable raiding specs than just one so Hunters as a whole are not in terrible shape. Eventually we do plan to get all 3 there. Just remember that when players obsess about 1% differences in dps you can understand why that task is pretty gigantic. There are probably more raiding BM hunters in 3.3 than in 3.2 and probably a lot more than there are Subtlety rogues (sorry for the example rogues, but you/we know it’s true). It’s far from a dead spec. (Source)

I really think this is the right move to make.  Spirit beasts shouldn’t be so over powered everyone uses them.  That’s why all hunters seem to be running around with wolves now.  They’re very useful because they buff the hunter.  We should see some pet normalization in Cataclysm, so when the whole world gets turned upside down, every hunter gets to re-learn not only what pets to use, but also how to deal with a focus bar instead of mana.  Might as well, right?

I’m glad they’re not taking away the buff from Wolves just yet — I like my wolf, and I don’t want to have to go search for the next “best pet” that’s out there.  My demon puppy and I are pretty close, I would hate to lose Sock!

If you were going to hope for a “best pet” of any type, what would you choose?

In-Depth: Hunter Tier 10

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Rhino Head?Many thanks to MMO-Champion for putting together a great preview of all the tier 10 on all the race models.

I’ve recently picked up my first piece of Tier 10, and really wanted to get into the thought process behind which pieces to take and which ones to skip.

Let’s look at the set bonus:

2 Piece – Your Auto Shots have a 5% chance to cause you and your pet to deal 15% additional damage for 10 sec.

4 Piece – When your Serpent Sting and Wyvern Sting abilities deal damage, you have a 5% chance to gain 20% attack power for 10 sec.

The 2 piece set bonus looks like it’ll favor Beastmastery Hunters a little bit. It’s not tied to a Chimera Shot or an Explosive Shot, so definitely not specific to Marksman or Survival.  This bonus is definitely worth breaking the 4pc T9 set bonus for since it will boost both your and your pet’s damage for 10 seconds.

The 4 piece bonus is where the money is.  When it procs, a well geared hunter with 5500 AP will gain another 1100 AP, and even more if that happens to go off the same time as Greatness.  This is going to be a huge DPS increase for both Marks and Survival specs.  The proc rate is unknown (at least to me), but if it’s anything like the previous tier procs, it’s pretty frequent.  It’s really a shame you can’t swing having 4pc T10 and 2pc T9 at the same time — getting a crit off of the Serpent Sting ability as well as getting the AP bonus would just be disgusting.

Ultimately the goal is to get your 4 piece bonus, and get a really awesome piece of gear to fill in that 5th possible tier spot.

Now let’s take a look at the items from ICC or Emblems of Frost you can get in each tier slot (Tier or not).

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No, I’m not saving you.

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Wow.  Over on World of Matticus and on there’s been a lot of flaming about PUGs today!

Here’s my take on things:

1. If you’re a tank, know how to collect aggro on multiple mobs.  If you’re a warrior, I’ll help you out, but just know I have a cooldown on Misdirection.  Heck, I’ll help anyone, let’s not kid ourselves.

2. If you’re a healer, know I try to stay out of trouble.  Just because you haven’t had to heal me through most of the instance doesn’t mean you should outright ignore me when I take damage.

3. Yes, I do a lot of DPS.  I find myself Feigning Death on every fight at least twice.  I also out-gear 90% of the PUGs I group with. Healers, pay attention.  Sometimes when I feign I don’t lose aggro.  Sometimes MD and Readiness are down.  Deterrence can only help for about 5 seconds. HEAL ME.

4. If you’re DPSing, don’t expect me to do all of it.  Yes, I pull 5-6k on boss fights without trying.  If you’re not even pulling 2k on a boss, you just fail.  I know green-meanie’s that can do more than that.

5. Quit whining.  Yes, I hate Occulus too, but if I have another tank that drops as soon as they see the loading screen I’m going to scream.  Random means random.  Just suck it up and get through it.  They nerf’d it anyway.

Ultimately know your class and its limitations.  If you’re a Paladin, quit giving hunters Wisdom.  We like Kings now.  Thanks.  If you’re a Shaman, know when to pop Heroism or Bloodlust.  If you’re a DK, use your cooldowns if you’re getting overrun by mobs.

Oh, and if you’re not chain pulling, mark a freaking focus target, k?

I’ve updated my Saurfang strategy with the latest hotfix.  Enjoy!

3.3 Misdirection Changes

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Ok, it’s been a few days.  It’s time for a formal write-up.

Misdirection received a much needed overhaul in the 3.3 patch.


Misdirection: Redirects all threat generated for 3 shots to a party or raid member. Only one Misdirection can be present on target at a time.


Misdirection: The current party or raid member targeted will receive the threat caused by your next damaging attack and all actions taken for 4 sec afterwards.

I think this change has been very much for the positive.  The amount of threat I can generate over 4 seconds is a heck of a lot more than 3 shots.  Cool part: it’s any damaging attack, so Volley counts, as does your Explosive trap.  I’ve been running quite a few PUG groups in the new Dungeon Finder, so the quality of individual does vary.  I can say I’ve had a few tanks I’ve had to MD every pull, and if I were stuck with just 3 shots of threat, I’d have to seriously gimp my shot rotation to prevent pulling aggro.  (I tried, Feign Death didn’t help).

Here’s one thing I don’t like:  If you cast Misdirection and it does not get used in 30 seconds on your target, your MD goes on cooldown for another 30 seconds.  I thought we got away from that, Blizzard?  I found myself having to use Readiness to get MD up faster just so I didn’t pull aggro.  I understand the mechanic, and I know that’s where we came from previously, but I got really used to being able to chain MDs together every 30 seconds or so, even if they don’t get used.  The first time you did the Jaraxxus fight, I’m sure you had to chain them together, not really knowing when Wilfred Fizzlebang was going to bite the dust.  I can say that the cooldown would have really screwed me the first time on that fight if this change was made when Trial of the Crusader was released.

Either way, the Misdirection changes are for the better for threat production, but the cooldown on non-use really kinda sucks, especially if you don’t spec into Readiness.

200px-Deathbinger_Saurfang_in_armorSaurfang is a very healing intensive fight.  As range, you shouldn’t be taking that much damage if it’s done correctly, so stay sharp.  Be aware though that a lot of the damage you’ll be taking can’t be avoided.

Hunters play a very important part in this fight as well, so it’s important that your raid carries at least 2 for a 25m raid.   Saurfang will spawn adds that will try to eat your healers alive.  Your frost traps will be necessary to slow their progress so the range can kill them before they get to your healers.

As a Hunter, your responsibility is to 1. stay with your small group, 2. drop frost traps every time the cooldown is up, 3. kill adds, and 4. kill the boss.  In that order.  Stay alive should be thrown in there at the top, but that should not need to be said. (Bonus points if someone can tell me if the other hunter in the video below did all of these things) Continue Reading…

ICC Ammunition Drama

Morynne —  December 12, 2009 — 4 Comments

From Ghostcrawler:

Icecrown Ammunitions (Iceblade ArrowShatter Rounds)
If you can’t afford to AH the ammo, you probably can’t afford to get the best gems and enchants for you new gear which would probably be a bigger dps increase. That is going to affect the economic decision of looting more than the ammo I suspect. I don’t think the ammo will be outrageously high on the AH given the mats. It may be high for the next week or so while it’s scarce, but as I’ve said, we don’t really want every hunter in the game to be able to get ammo which is tied to a rep grind and rare drop on day one.

You may not be able to afford to constantly switch Engineering specs, but we’re not trying to make that a very attractive option in the first place.

[...] Some of you are still arguing about the cost of ammo or the fact that it’s a consumable or tied to a trade skill, but all of that has been true for some time. The Engineering specialization didn’t affect any of that to a large degree. It may affect cost or availability for a short time, but that is true of most new and valuable resources. What is Primordial Saronite selling for on your server? Do you think it will still be at that price in a week? In a month?

The materials to make the ammo are not hard to get. The recipe itself is quite hard to get. Therefore it will probably take awhile before the ammo is widely available at a low cost. That’s what we want. After the ammo is widely available it would basically take a unified cabal of Engineers to keep the prices inflated. Almost always in those situations someone blinks because the loss of selling things for cheaper is a lot better outcome than not selling anything at all. (Source)

Here’s my thought: he’s right.  Not every single hunter is going to be able to farm the content in ICC.  We’re going to be in ICC for awhile too, so if you can’t afford the ammunition up front, give it a few weeks.  I haven’t even seen it on the AH on my server — even though people are exalted from farming the trash.  The economy will eventually even out and those that need the ammo will be able to get it with no problem.

There is an initiative in my guild to always have 1 Goblin and one Gnome engineer all the time, so we’ll be able to have both types of ammunition all the time.  I’m not sure where they’re going to fall on the priority line for the Primordial Saronite, but considering it’s for raid materials, it’s probably pretty far up there.  It’ll all even out, and I’m good with it.

Strategy: Gunship Battle

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icecrownairshipGot your rocket pack?

This is a really fun fight.  It’s not entirely difficult from a ranged perspective, but I could see how it would be for those launching to the enemy gunship.

You are fighting from the Skybreaker (if you’re Alliance) against the Horde gunship.  There are 4 cannons on your gunship, and that’s ultimately how the fight is won.  Those 4 cannons have to be utilized to take out the opposing ship.

Here’s the catch.  There are ranged enemies from the Horde ship that throw rockets on to your ship.  They need to be taken out as quickly as possible.  Your rocket pack will help you get out of the rocket’s line of fire.  There’s glowy stuff on the ground, it’s pretty easy to see.

There are periodically waves of enemies that are sent over to your ship that need to be taken down, while dodging the rockets.  Hurray running around.  Make sure you have a tank to pick them up.  Continue Reading…