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Morynne, Savior of Azeroth

Morynne —  July 18, 2012 — 2 Comments

I know it’s been awhile.  It’s not you, it’s me.

For the last number of weeks my interest in WoW went on a serious decline largely due to my raid team smashing their faces into Heroic Spine of Deathwing. There are so many bloods, and the timing is all funky now that we are looking at the progressive nerfs that are coming out. (Something most of the strategies out there don’t tell you) Continue Reading…

Strategy: Well of Eternity

Morynne —  December 9, 2011 — Leave a comment

Well of Eternity is the second of the three new heroic dungeons in 4.3.  This one tells another part of the story with Illidan, pre corruption — and you get more story regarding how he came into all his power. Lore-tastic!

Here’s the Details

  • Location: Caverns of Time (Tanaris)
  • Level: 85, heroic only.
  • Bosses: 3 encounters

Again, there’s a lot of story in this instance, so I’m going to let the instance tell you that stuff, I’ll just tell you how to deal with each boss.


From a range DPS perspective, Peroth’arn is a very straight forward fight.  Stay out of bad.  Peroth’arn will call down fel-puddles that will try to eat your feet, just stay out of them.  The other key to this fight is when he summons eyes and vanishes, try to stay out of line of sight of these, as it will prevent you from taking his sneak-attack when he comes out of stealth.  Otherwise, DPS the boss, and stay out of excess damage.

Queen Ashzara

This fight doesn’t actually involve fighting Ashzara at all, but instead you’re taking on the mages that protect her.  If you’re quick on DPS, you’ll be dealing with, at most, 2 of the mages.  There are three different kinds of mages, Arcane, Fire, and Frost (shocking, I know).  Your kill order on these is most important, as is the interrupt and dispells of the remainder of your party. To handle these guys, just spread out, and focus fire them down, being very careful not to split DPS.

Now, to add some flavor, Ashzara will occasionally MC one player, and the remainder of your party has to DPS down the Hand of Ashzara to release the player.  She will also occasionally cast Total Obedience that must be interrupted — every time.  Otherwise she mind controls your entire party, and ultimately can turn into a wipe quickly, so make sure those interrupts are coordinated before pulling this fight.

Captain Varo’then and Mannoroth

The last fight starts with you taking down Captain Varo’then, who is a bit of a pushover, then the real fight starts.  Illidan and Tyrande will keep Mannoroth and his goons busy until you’re done with him, don’t worry.  Varo’then is a basic tank n’ spank fight, so just push him down.

The Mannoroth fight is a bit more interesting.  A couple things to keep in mind. Mannoroth is a demon and therefore Fel Fires things.  Remember Argoloth? Same deal. Keep moving when he spits fire all over the place.  Tyrande will collapse at one point in the fight, and your job will be to kill the two bigger adds (Debilitators) to stop the waves of smaller ones.  When Tyrande gets back up, DPS on Mannoroth and he’ll fall.  He will keep Fel Firestorming things, so just be aware of your positioning.  Tyrande will take care of the smaller demons.  A bit later in the fight, everyone will take on the Metamorph form that Warlocks have to bust up Mannoroth and the demons, so use that AOE ability they give you!

Hunter Loot from Well of Eternity

Good luck!

Strategy: Heroic Lord Rhyolith

Morynne —  November 7, 2011 — 3 Comments

Stompy, now with more adds! And lasers.

  • Name: Lord Rhyolith
  • Raid: Firelands
  • Tanks Needed: 2
  • Phases: 2
  • Catch: Steering is hard! Add management. Lasers.
  • This strategy is for the heroic encounter. Normal strategy found here.

I want to be very up front with this encounter: from a range DPS perspective, there is absolutely no difference in strategy, but there needs to be an increased focus on self-positioning awareness than on the regular mode.

Rhyolith is still steered by putting damage on his legs where he’ll run over volcanoes, knocking off some of his armor.  The difference? There’s little molten armor oozeling adds that, if they reach him, will attach and put back some of his armor — but that’s not really what needs to be paid attention to.  If you’re AOE spamming the Fragments of Rhyolith, the oozeling adds will die, and very few of them will reach the boss.

The Fragments of Rhyolith have a new twist.  They deal damage equal to their amount of health to the raid if they don’t die within 30 seconds, so they MUST take DPS priority when they’re up.

Ultimately you’ll get to a point where you just want to push the boss to 25% health and force him into phase 2.  For the raids I’ve been in, this should happen after the 3rd Spark has spawned and died.  When Rhyolith phases to the final burn phase, the remaining adds should despawn.

In Phase 2, eye lasers are added.  Your group should be loosely gathered in the AOE healing spells, and if someone is chased by the eye laser, they need to lead it AWAY from the remainder of the raid.  During this phase, since his armor is gone, he should drop pretty quickly, and you win.

What does a Hunter need to know?

Phase 1: Know what tank is handling which type of adds. Misdirect appropriately.  The sparks will be tanked further off into the distance, where the fragments will likely be closer range.  There is a lot of damage going out on this phase, so any mitigation will be helpful. If you’re having difficulty staying alive, it might be worth glyphing Raptor Strike since you’re likely to have a bunch of small adds close to use it on. Stay out of the lines, and staying vocal about when they’re spawning will help your raid immensely. Do not get separated from the AOE healing group.  The amount of raid wide damage going out is extremely high, and if you can’t stick together, you’ll end up wiping the raid.

Phase 2: Misdirect to the tank, since he no longer ignores his aggro table.  Light up the boss.  Blow cooldowns, use potions. Lead eye lasers AWAY from the raid.

Hunter Loot from Heroic Lord Rhyolith

Still having trouble? Check out Learn to Raid’s video.

Good luck!

Strategy: Heroic Alysrazor

Morynne —  October 16, 2011 — 1 Comment

Shooting balls and playing LOS games.  The heroic mechanics on this fight are surprisingly easy to overcome, you just need to know what they do.

The overall concept of this fight doesn’t drastically change from the normal encounter, so I’m just going to cover the bits that are different.

Phase 1

Alysrazor still spawns small adds during phase 1 which need to be burned down, but on top of that, a Herald of the Burning Lord will cast Cataclysm, summoning a Molten Meteor that will roll around the room.  If the Meteor touches a side wall of the encounter area, it will break apart and start killing people in your raid.  There are two meteors that are summoned before she casts Firestorm.

The biggest key here is to DPS down that meteor so it ends up stopping as centrally as possible in the encounter area.  Why? Instead of doing a run through the middle of the encounter to drop more feathers, Alysrazor will do something called Firestorm, which must be LOS’d to avoid damage coming from her.  The further the meteor stops from the center, the more difficult it becomes for the opposite side to get to the meteor and hide behind it.

This cycle repeats itself 3 times, and the third set of meteors (after the second Firestorm) can be ignored, because instead of casting Firestorm again, she will transition to the tornado phase.

 Tornado Phase

Shockingly, this is identical to the normal mode version.  Just stay out of tornados.


Alysrazor will burn out again after Tornados and drop to the ground.  Just like in normal mode, you’ll stack up again and blow your DPS cool downs.  Exactly like normal mode.

After the burnout phase is complete, Alysrazor will return to phase 1 again, and the cycle will repeat itself.  In my experience, she will die soon after the second burnout phase begins.

What does a Hunter need to know?

Instead of focusing on killing a bird (the tanks can pretty much handle them on their own in heroic), your mobile DPS is going to be crucial to ensuring the caster adds drop as fast as possible, and that you burst down the meteors as soon as they land.  It’s worth noting that the meteors are slowed using a frost trap, and if your raid runs with multiple hunters, try to cover as long a distance as possible so your raid can stop them as close to the center as possible.  The slow effect of the traps just buys your raid a little more time.

Other than that, a hunter’s job on this fight remains the same.

Hunter Loot from Heroic Alysrazor

Still having trouble? Check out Learn to Raid’s video.

Good luck!

Strategy: Heroic Shannox

Morynne —  October 4, 2011 — 2 Comments

ShannoxHeroic Shannox is a bit of a pushover.

  • Name: Shannox, Rageface, and Riplimb
  • Raid: Firelands
  • Tanks Needed: 2
  • Phases: Technically 2, really 1
  • Catch: Trap ALL THE DOGS!
  • This guide is for the heroic encounter. Normal strategy can be found here.

What I’m going to cover in this strategy are the specific differences between the normal and the heroic versions of the fight.

Heroic notes for the fight:

  • In Heroic Difficulty Riplimb cannot be permanently slain while his master lives. When his health reaches zero, he will collapse for 30 seconds, and then reanimate at full health to resume fighting.
  • HeroicFeeding Frenzy – Riplimb’s successful melee attacks increase his physical damage dealt by 5% for 20 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Rageface – Rageface cannot be controlled, and darts about from enemy to enemy, changing targets periodically.
    • HeroicFeeding Frenzy – Rageface’s successful melee attacks increase his physical damage dealt by 5% for 20 sec. This effect stacks.

So what does this mean?

Ultimately you’ll just DPS Shannox, and deal with the dogs as you’re able.  Crystal traps should be used to trap both dogs periodically through the fight.  So if you’re getting Face Raged, step near a Crystal prison trap, and trap the dog.

Now, knowing that this is a longer fight just from health on the boss, it’s worth talking about the ground being littered with Immolation traps.  There are many different ways a raid can get rid of them, mostly by using mitigation abilities and stepping on the traps.

What does a Hunter need to know?

Ultimately your job will be to burn the boss.  The dogs only matter so far as to need to get them trapped to drop the stacks of Feeding Frenzy off.  In order to help break Immolation Traps, pop deterrence and step into the trap — you wont’ be able to DPS for a few seconds, but you will help clean up the kiting zone a bit and make it less like a war zone.

Hunter Loot from Heroic Shannox

Still having trouble? Check out Learn to Raid’s video.

Good luck!

Strategy: Heroic Atramedes

Morynne —  June 10, 2011 — 1 Comment

Heroic Atramedes is very much the same in principle as the normal encounter, with a bit of a twist. I wouldn’t say it’s more difficult, just different.

  • Name: Atramedes
  • Raid: Blackwing Descent
  • Tanks Needed: 1
  • Phases: 2 (Ground and Air, alternating)
  • Catch: You now have a sound bar to watch.
  • This guide is for the heroic encounter. Normal strategy can be found here.

The basic strategy is largely unchanged — stay out of circles, keep your sound down, run away when you’re being tracked, and stay out of fire.  The catch is that the circles hit your sound for significantly more.  You absolutely cannot be taking extraneous sound — there’s very little room for error.

On Heroic, you’re limited to 7 gongs versus the normal 10.  Nefarian destroys an additional gong during ground phase uses — so make sure when you use them on the ground, you’re using them for the right reasons.

Two Obnoxious Fiends will spawn per ground phase—one in the middle and one towards the end. These attach themselves to a random raid member and must be burned down immediately by the raid. They have minimal health but cast Obnoxious, a cast which gives the attached player 10 additional sound if not interrupted.

In the air phase, Sonar Bombs will spawn more frequently and the Roaring Flame Breath will move faster as well.

So really, your raid has to be more on top of their spatial awareness, and be able to quickly switch targets and kill the fiends.  Otherwise, the fight is unchanged.

What does a Hunter need to know?

The biggest thing to know here is how to handle the adds.  Obviously, DPS the ones you can at range, and utilize interrupts as you’re able (Scatter Shot, Silencing Shot) to keep the add’s target from taking additional sound.  Quickly switch back and forth between Atramedes and the adds.  During air phase, if you’re not already in Aspect of the Fox, switch to it, and continue your rotation as you run around to avoid circles and fire.  You should be able to keep damaging pretty normally unless you get chased by fire.

Hunter Loot from Heroic Atramedes

Still having trouble? Check out Tankspot’s video.

Good luck!

Chimaeron continues to be a healing intensive, control fight, but now it’s with more health, and more damage going out.  Nefarian adds some new tricks, and makes things more intesting.

  • Name: Chimaeron
  • Raid: Blackwing Descent
  • Tanks Needed: 2ish
  • Phases: 2
  • Catch: This is a control fight for your healers.
  • This guide is for the heroic encounter. Normal guide here.

The basics of this fight are identical to the normal encounter, so I recommend familiarizing yourself with that first.

Phase 1: Bile-o-Tron

Largely from a DPS perspective, this phase remains unchanged.  Tanks and healers might say otherwise though.  Instead of grouping up when Chimaeron Feuds, the focus needs to be whether the Bile-o-Tron is online.  If it’s online, spread out, if it’s offline, group up.  The Feuds in heroic last only for a couple seconds because Nefarian breaks up the quarreling heads of Chimaeron, and we’re back to the same mechanics of individuals being targeted and Massacre going out.  When the Bile-o-Tron comes back up, spread back out before the next Massacre.

From a tanking perspective, because the Feuds are so short, Break can stack to very dangerous levels because there’s little time .  Your tanks need to be very aware what their stacks are at, and make sure they don’t take too many.  This is probably the most complicated part of this encounter to learn to cope with.

Phase 2: Burn

As Chimaeron is transitioning into phase 2, make sure your raid is as high up as possible, and your tanks move as low as they can on the threat meter — so Chimaeron doesn’t take them out first. Should be noted that Nefarian casts Mocking Shadows on the raid in addition to Mortality, which deals 1-2k shadow damage per second. The raid must be topped going into phase 3 or else everyone will quickly die.  Blow all cooldowns, and be prepared with a quick Ankh or bubble to let the DOTS tick to kill him.

What does a Hunter need to know?

The heroic version of this encounter is largely unchanged from a ranged DPS perspective.  You’ll likely be sitting right at the enrage timer the first few times you kill him though.  Considering it’s a 7 minute enrage, it’s worth mentioning that you can pre-pot and use your Rapid Fire cooldowns at the beginning of the fight to maximize your DPS early.  Just be careful not to pull threat.  By the time phase 2 rolls around, you’ll likely have your Rapid Fire up again — just in time to burn the boss.

Hunter Loot from Heroic Chimaeron

Still having trouble? Ask questions in the comments or check out Tankspot’s video!

Good luck!

Heroic Halfus is quite chaotic by comparison to the regular encounter, but is pretty easy once you’ve got a strategy down pat to dealing with all of the drakes at the same time.

  • Name: Halfus Wyrmbreaker
  • Raid: Bastion of Twilight
  • Phases: 2
  • Catch: You have to deal with all the drakes at the same time.
  • Tanks needed: 2ish
  • This guide is for the heroic encounter. Normal guide found here.

In order to properly handle the Malevolent Strikes debuff, we had 2.5 tanks.  Prot Warrior, Feral Druid, and a Feral Druid in DPS gear, but tank spec.

Here’s what we did:

  • Warrior tank pulls boss. Bear tank pulls the Storm Rider, Time Warden at the same time. Bear/Kitty tank pulls the Nether Scion.  Leave the Slate dragon alone.  If you try to have every single one down, you’ll lose to the enrage timer.
  • Heroism is blown at the beginning of the fight once threat is solid on the Nether Scion, DPS burns that down first.
  • Second target is the Storm Rider, burn that down, then the Time Warden.  When the time warden is at about half, release the Whelps, and focus DPS on Halfus.  If you have any range that can do “splash damage” to whelps, even better.
  • Burn Halfus.

The Furious Roars in the heroic encounter is brutal.  Not one can be missed.

Just like in the regular encounter, at 50%, Halfus enters phase 2 with the same abilities.  Once you’ve dealt with the drakes, you’ve hit the easiest part of this encounter.

What does a Hunter need to know?

Once the Nether Scion is down, and you’re moving to DPS the other drakes, it’s worth throwing out a Multi-Shot to do a little damage to everything that’s up.  When you switch targets, you’ll already be a little ahead.  When the whelps are released, main target Halfus, and add a Multi-Shot into your rotation, the drakes will die over time.  After that, it’s cake.  Just make sure you stay out of fire balls.

Hunter Loot from Heroic Halfus Wyrmbreaker

Having trouble? Ask questions in the comments, or check out Tankspot’s Video.

Good luck!

Zul’Aman is the second of the two heroics added in 4.1.  This was a 10-man timed raid during Burning Crusade. This instance drops ilvl 353 epics, which will help bridge the gap into raiding, if that’s what you want to do.  If you’ve done the bosses in the previous iteration, there’s really not much difference.

  • Location: Ghostlands
  • Level: 85, heroic only
  • Bosses: 6, with a twist.  Timed reward for the first 4 bosses.

Zul’Aman classically rewarded the Amani War Bear in Burning Crusade by completing the first four bosses in a certain amount of time.  They’ve continued this in the 5-man heroic version, rewarding the Amani Battle Bear.  Just one per run though, so make sure you have this worked out with your group.

Akil’zon – Eagle Avatar

New to the encounter is the Amani Kidnapper, an eagle that will periodically seize a party member. The party, including the seized player, should switch to kill the Amani Kidnapper and free the player. Akil’zon once again casts Call Lightning on the tank and Static Disruption on random players, which stacks but can be removed. Spread out to avoid hitting the party with the AOE and use nature resistance to decrease the damage taken. When Electrical Storm is cast, the targeted player will be suspended in the air and shoot an electrical storm across the entire platform. The party should group up underneath the targeted player to avoid taking damage.

What does a hunter need to know?

Stay spread out.  Make sure you’re switching targets to kill the Amani Kidnapper, because your range will be crucial on this.  When the Electrical Storm goes out, just make sure you’re under the suspended person.  Because there are lots of brown birds too, Multi-Shot is helpful when trying to minimize the damage going out to your group.  Don’t make it a priority, but if you kill a few of these on the way, you’ll be better off.

Nalorakk – Bear Avatar

In phase 1, the troll phase, Nalorakk casts Brutal Strike on the tank. He also uses Surge on the player the farthest away from him. He will use this ability three times before transitioning. It helps to have a ranged dps and healer alternate the surges. You may want to consider using three different soakers depending on the personal defensive cooldowns of your party.

In phase 2, he turns into a bear. He casts Lacerating Slash on the tank and Deafening Roar on the party.

Nalorakk flips back and forth between Phases 1 and 2, so just be aware of what phase you’re in so you can prepare for the Surges.

What does a hunter need to know?

Because you’re a range, you’ll likely be one of the soakers for your group.  Make sure you just DPS your brains out to get this guy over with quickly.  You can use Deterrence in a pinch to mitigate the damage from the surge, but getting the timing right isn’t difficult, and you end up sacrificing your DPS for several seconds, which just makes the fight longer.  Use your Rapid Fire cooldown during the bear phase so you don’t get interrupted by a stray Surge.

Jan’alai – Dragonhawk Avatar

Jan’alai is a forest troll who guards two sets of dragonhawk eggs on his altar. The key to beating Jan’alai is avoiding the fire on the ground while controlling the number of eggs to hatch at once.

Jan’alai casts Flame Breath in the direction of a random player. This is easily avoidable, especially if you stay close to his hit box.

Periodically, Jan’alai will cast Fire Bomb. These orange bombs will spawn haphazardly from the center of the room and explode several seconds later, leaving large gaps where players can safely stand and continue to fight.

Jan’alai will Summon Amani’shi Hatcher, NPCs which will run to the sets of eggs at either side of the altar and begin to hatch them until they are killed. The hatched Amani Dragonhawk Hatchling, which cast Flame Buffet, should be AOEd down and dps should watch aggro. It is advisable to have several waves of Hatchlings instead of letting them all spawn at once at any time during the encounter.

What does a hunter need to know?

Stay out of fire.  Focus the correct hatcher (right or left) and use Multi-Shot to your advantage when dealing with the hatchlings.  Rinse, repeat.

Halazzi – Lynx Avatar

This guy is all about totem management. If you take down the totems, and DPS the boss as much as possible, you’ll win.

In the troll phase, Halazzi drops Water Totem which buffs the boss with Refreshing Stream. This totem can be killed; however, you can also move the boss away from the green healing circle and continue to focus dps while standing in it. This will grant your part a steady stream of healing and mana. He also casts Enrage.
At 66% and 33%, Halazzi will summon Spirit of the Lynx and heal to 100%. Kill the lynx, and if you’re melee heavy in you group, it’s best to stand together to maximize your DPS on him. It will also cast Shred Armor and Lynx Flurry which can be especially rough on cloth dps. Depending on your group composition, DPS can switch to kill the Corrupted Lightning Totem before it does extreme amounts of damage–once the Spirit of the Lynx has died, the DPS will go back to Halazzi.

What does a hunter need to know?

Kill totems, kill the lynx when he’s up, DPS the boss.

Hex Lord Malacrass

This guy is flanked by 2 random adds with unique abilities, but given how prevalent CC is now, both are easily dealt with, or killed.  Just make sure you have a plan to handle them.

The bigger mechanic for this guy is he will soul drain group members, stealing some of their abilities.  More on that later.

He will alternate between hurling Spirit Bolts at the party, a fairly strong AOE, and channeling Siphon Soul. As the fight drags on, you will get high stacks of Drain Power, making Malacrass harder to kill.

Randomly casts soul drain on a raid member, absorbing the character’s abilities and amplifying their power. The possible soul drains are:

What does a hunter need to know?

Understand your group’s plans for dealing with the adds, but realistically they can just be DPSed down before getting on the boss.  If your group chooses to CC, be prepared to help out with an Ice Trap.

Daakara <The Invincible>

By comparison to the Burning Crusade version of this fight, it’s a cakewalk.  He pulls his abilities from the various animal aspects already encountered in the instance.

  • In the first phase, Daakara casts Whirlwind and Grievous Throw, just heal to 100%. Melee dps that eat a whirlwind while afflicted with Grievous Throw may find themselves dead quickly. At 80% and 40%, Daakara transforms into two of the four remaining avatars at random.
  • In Shape of the Eagle, Daakara creates an Energy Storm and casts Summon Cyclone that players must dodge. Players that run into cyclones will be hit by Zap. Be sure to kill the Lightning Totem to prevent additional damage from going out. As part of Energy Storm all spells cast will deal damage to the caster–healers must be smart about deciding when to heal, as they will take additional damage when doing so.
  • In Shape of the Bear, Daakara casts Creeping Paralysis which can be followed up with a nasty Surge, as well as Nearly Overpowered Blow on the tank. Creeping Paralysis and the stun can both be dispelled.
  • In Shape of the Dragonhawk, Daakara creates Column of Fire and periodically casts Flame Whirl and Flame Breath. As always, just stay out of the fire.
  • In Shape of the Lynx, Daakara spawns two adds that can quickly destroy a player if they are not killed quickly, between Lynx Rush and Claw Rage. The tank should taunt during Claw Rage to split the damage taken.

What does a hunter need to know?

Be ready to switch strategies when Daakara chooses an animal aspect, but ultimately this is a DPS race to get it over with as quickly as possible.

Hunter Loot from Zul’Aman

Did I miss anything? Do you have any handy tips of your own? Leave them in the comments!

Good luck!

Strategy: Grim Batol

Morynne —  January 26, 2011 — 2 Comments

Grim Batol is a dungeon housing the Dark Iron Clan, and the Twilight Hammer — two of the big foes of Cataclysm.

Here are the particulars:

  • Location: Twilight Highlands
  • Level: 84-85, 85 for Heroic.
  • Bosses: 4

General Umbriss

General Umbriss is a bit of a jerk.  He casts Blitz after focusing a target party member.  The goal is to get out of his way.  Ground Seige also happens, but it’s not fatal, and seems to be target-less.

The trick to this fight is dealing with the trogg adds that spawn. One Malignant Trogg and three Trogg Dweller will spawn the first time. The Trogg Dwellers will continue coming in groups of three every time Umbriss calls them, but if you CC/kite/offtank the Malignant Trogg, no new ones will spawn — which makes this fight far easier. If you decide to kill the Malignant Troggs, make sure you do it away from other troggs and the boss, since they cast an AoE of Modgud’s Malice, turning other nearby troggs into Malignant ones, and increasing the boss’ damage by 100% if it hits him.  At 30%, Umbriss enrages and stops summoning adds.

What does a hunter need to know?

Trap the malignant trogg if that’s your job, stay out of Blitz and DPS the boss.

On heroic?

More damage going out, but the fight remains unchanged.

Forgemaster Throngus

This fight is all about paying attention to what weapons Throngus chooses.  He has a base ability of Mighty Stomp regardless of what weapon he has.

If Throngus picks up the mace, the boss needs to be kited around.  The Encumbered debuff will keep Throngus slowed, but will also make him deadly if tanked in one place. During this phase he will also use Impaling Slam on random people, incapacitating them. As he walks, his mace will drip lava, which will stay on the ground and damage players for a while. Ultimately stay out of bad stuff here.

If Throngus picks Dual Blades, he will start doing a lot of damage to the tank through his quick attacks and a stackable DoT. The debuff is magic, so make sure it gets dispelled.  He will also use Disorienting Roar, which can be easily countered by casting three instant spells in a row.

If Throngus picks up Phalanx (shield), this is the heavy AOE phase. Untargetable Twilight Archers will shoot Flaming Arrow at random players.  To add insult to injury, Throngus will periodically target a random player and his shield will blow fire in a cone.  Stay away from the business end of the shield.  It’s better that way.

You will always see all 3 weapons before you see a repeat, so be ready, and he does cycle through his weapons throughout the fight.

What does a hunter need to know?

DPS the boss, stay out of bad stuff, avoid the business end of the shield.

On heroic?


Drahga Shadowburner

This is a 2 phase fight, the Drahga phase and the dragon phase.

Drahga phase:

Burning Shadowbolt is the boss’ primary means of damage, and it can be interrupted.  The key to this fight is managing the fire adds that are periodically spawned around the room. Make sure these fire adds are eliminated quickly, and do not reach their target.

Dragon phase:

Shortly after the fight begins, Dragha jumps on the back of Valonia (boss from Bastion of Twilight).  Valonia needs to be kept toward the center of the room, and don’t spread out too far.  The fire adds are still spawning, so as range you will likely be damaging them the most.  They need to take priority.  Valonia will periodically breathe on the group in a particular direction — stay out of purple fire.  It’s hot, and burns.  She will also periodically drop arcane puddles on the ground causing a serious slow effect.  Stay out of them as much as possible.

When Valonia gets low on health, she will dump Drahga off and fly away, just finish off the boss.

What does a hunter need to know?

DPS the adds, stay away from the business end of the dragon, stay out of puddles.

On herioc?

No strategy change.

Erudax < The Duke of Below >

This boss really isn’t too bad, though if he’s looking at you, move to one side or the other.  He will be casting Binding Shadows on the area where you’re standing, and that’s bad.

Enfeebling Blow will knock your tank some distance back and debuff them with Feeble Body. Backpedal a little bit and simply wait for Erudax to return to the tank.

Shadow Gale is the big deal in this fight.  You need to move to where Eurdax casts Shadow Gale, and stay there until it’s over.  It looks like a swirly void zone on the ground, but it denotes the safe zone for this mechanic.  Once the Gale is over, Erudax will call for assistance from 2 guardians.  Your group needs to split up and DPS down these adds as quickly as possible.   Stuns/CC will not work, but slowing effects DO work.  Use those.  These guardians goal is to get to the eggs on either side of the room and release little whelplings.  Each whelpling is unkillable, and does unnecessary AOE damage to your group.

What does a hunter need to know?

DPS the boss, get in the big purple swirly thing, get out of the Binding shadows, and use frost traps on the adds.  You’re a multi-tool on this fight.  Enjoy it.

On heroic?

No change in strategy.

Hunter Loot from Grim Batol:

Good luck!