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MoP Mindset Shift for Hunters

Morynne —  August 7, 2012 — 3 Comments

Cross your arms.

Now cross them the other way.  Did you have to think about it? Was it uncomfortable?

Most likely it did take some thought, and some intentional adjusting to be able to do it.  Brace yourselves, there will be a mindset shift for pretty much everyone come MoP. Continue Reading…

4.3: Dragon Soul Hunter Gear List

Morynne —  November 15, 2011 — 3 Comments

Tier 13Hunters! Here’s your gear list for 4.3 and Dragon Soul!  With the patch being just around the corner, figured it was about time to do the roundup of gear you should be on the look-out for.


  1. I’m going to discuss each slot’s itemization assuming a Marksmanship Hunter, and looking at the stats alone — not necessarily how the gear will work together.  That is always dependent on your gear, and should be prioritized as such.  What’s good for you, might not fit another Hunter’s play style.
  2. This is still based on PTR data.  There is no guarantee that it will remain the way it is as it is when this post is written.
  3. I am not covering loot that can be obtained in the 3 new heroics.  It’s not really an upgrade from Firelands gear.


Tier for the helm has better itemization for a hunter, but Zeherah’s crown has plenty of hit.  If you’re having difficulty reaching hit cap, Zehera’s helm is the right one for you.  Just always shoot for your Tier 4-piece bonus!


No real choices here as of yet.  If I see new items brought in, I’ll update.


No real choices here as of yet.  If I see new items brought in, I’ll update.


As always, you’ll want to go for your 4-piece tier bonuses, you’ll want to take the tier piece here.  I would be careful if you choose to take Zehera’s crown and using this tier piece — it might satisfy all of your hit needs. Just balance it out, but I’d recommend tier in this case.


No real choices here as of yet.  If I see new items brought in, I’ll update.


Start with the Leatherworking bracers, they’re ultimately the best itemized for a MM hunter, but the other two are perfectly viable options.


The choice for me is either for the tier gloves, or the Sporebeard Gauntlets just because of the additional socket to be used.


The Beloved Companion and the Dragoncarver Belt are my choices here.  When faced with the choices of crit/haste, haste/mastery or crit/mastery, it’s important to weigh out the rest of your gear for the haste levels you’re comfortable with — and make your decision from there.


Either. Just remember to shoot for your 4-piece.


Treads of Dormant Dreams are better itemized for MM hunters, so just keep that in mind.  If you’re just in need of boots, there’s nothing wrong with the valor.


You have 2 ring slots.  You do the math.


This is a bit more complicated.  Without going through and testing these trinkets, it’s going to be a tough call.  I’m never a fan of “on-use” trinkets, just because without it being macro’d into an ability, you do tend to lose some of the benefits.  Purely speculation, but I’m going to bet that the Starcatcher and the Wrath of Unchaining end up being the BiS pairing for hunters.  And as a side note, I’ll make new Power Auras for these once I get my hands on them.

Stat Stick

Either, but I really want to be a giant worgen.

Ranged Weapon

If you’re not a dwarf, that gun isn’t the best thing you can be using.  Go for the crossbow until that smexy bow drops. Do it.
Did I miss anything from the Dragon Soul raid? Thoughts on what trinkets will be best? Leave it in the comments!

4.2 Hunter Gear List

Morynne —  June 28, 2011 — Leave a comment

With 4.2 comes new craftables, new reputation rewards, and of course new drops.  Here’s your all-encompassing list for your 4.2 gear, and where to get it.  As always, as I down bosses, I will write the strategy on how to make them drop purples for you.


Source: Damek Bloombeard at the Molten Front. It’s worth noting that you have to get through all of the Firelands dailies to unlock this vendor.  I’m hearing that takes about a month.

Suspected Drop Recipes


Avengers of Hyjal is the new reputation to gain as we move into the Firelands to take out Ragnaros at the knees.  This means they have some pretty sweet reputation rewards to go with it.  One thing to note is that the reputation rewards can be upgraded much like tier pieces in T12, which is why you see a heroic version linked.  Just looking at the Exalted ring is enough reason for me to want to work through those dailies.

Valor Points


It’s worth noting that while we have LOADS of off-set piece options, it’s probably best to shoot for getting your Tier set bonuses as quickly as possible.

Tier 12

Set Bonus


So what gear should I shoot for?

  • Helm – Tier 12.
  • Neck – Valor purchase
  • Shoulders – Toss-up. Could go either way, but you’ll likely see a lot of hunters in Tier.
  • Back – Look for the raid drop cape, but don’t shy away from the reputation reward.
  • Chest – Toss up. Depends on your need for hit-rating.
  • Bracer – Toss up. Depends on your hit rating needs.
  • Gloves – Craftable is a stepping stone, prepare to replace them with either Tier or the raid drop.
  • Waist – Reputation reward
  • Legs – Likely tier gear because of the bonus.
  • Feet – Go for the crafted.  That’s really the best option.
  • Rings – Get your exalted rep ring, and one of the others.
  • Trinkets – Shoot for Matrix Restabilizer and The Hungerer. Don’t count out Fluid Death until heroic Firelands encounters.
  • Stat Stick – Ranseur of Hatred is marginally better than the Flaming Spire.
  • Ranged –  Obviously shoot for the Rag bow, but any Agi ranged weapon drop is an upgrade.

So there you have it.  You’ll likely see some tier and some other Valor loot before getting to the end of the Firelands dailies, but they will still be very viable. I’m looking forward to when the servers come up — I just hope they’re stable for our raid tonight!

In-Depth: Hunter Tier 10

Morynne —  December 23, 2009 — Leave a comment

Rhino Head?Many thanks to MMO-Champion for putting together a great preview of all the tier 10 on all the race models.

I’ve recently picked up my first piece of Tier 10, and really wanted to get into the thought process behind which pieces to take and which ones to skip.

Let’s look at the set bonus:

2 Piece – Your Auto Shots have a 5% chance to cause you and your pet to deal 15% additional damage for 10 sec.

4 Piece – When your Serpent Sting and Wyvern Sting abilities deal damage, you have a 5% chance to gain 20% attack power for 10 sec.

The 2 piece set bonus looks like it’ll favor Beastmastery Hunters a little bit. It’s not tied to a Chimera Shot or an Explosive Shot, so definitely not specific to Marksman or Survival.  This bonus is definitely worth breaking the 4pc T9 set bonus for since it will boost both your and your pet’s damage for 10 seconds.

The 4 piece bonus is where the money is.  When it procs, a well geared hunter with 5500 AP will gain another 1100 AP, and even more if that happens to go off the same time as Greatness.  This is going to be a huge DPS increase for both Marks and Survival specs.  The proc rate is unknown (at least to me), but if it’s anything like the previous tier procs, it’s pretty frequent.  It’s really a shame you can’t swing having 4pc T10 and 2pc T9 at the same time — getting a crit off of the Serpent Sting ability as well as getting the AP bonus would just be disgusting.

Ultimately the goal is to get your 4 piece bonus, and get a really awesome piece of gear to fill in that 5th possible tier spot.

Now let’s take a look at the items from ICC or Emblems of Frost you can get in each tier slot (Tier or not).

Continue Reading…

you-make-bunny-cryIf you follow my twitter, you know that last night I lost Deathbringer’s Will to a DPS warrior. I don’t necessarily mind so much, but I don’t know that he really realizes that the proc on Deathbringer’s Will will be wasted on him half of the time.  I do want to say congratulations to that DPS warrior, it’s still an amazing trinket, and I’m sure he’ll get lots of use out of it.

The text on Deathbringer’s Will reads as follows:

Deathbringer’s Will
Binds when picked up
Requires Level 80
Item Level 264
Equip: Increases your armor penetration rating by 155 (12.59% @ L80).

Equip: Your attacks have a chance to awaken the powers of the races of Northrend, temporarily transforming you and increasing your combat capabilities for 30 sec.

The proc can go into any one of the following: Continue Reading…

I find myself in a very tough situation as ICC starts and Emblems of Frost are collected.

Do I buy Tier 10 initially (which is a DPS loss if you’ve been in end-game content for awhile) or do you invest your Emblems of Frost in other badge gear that will give you an instant upgrade?

For example…
Now, please notice on this table, I have the Windrunner’s Handguards of Triumph at the bottom.  The Ahn’Kahar Blood Hunter’s Handguards (not heroic, just the badge ones) aren’t listed anywhere here. Continue Reading…