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MoP Mindset Shift for Hunters

Morynne —  August 7, 2012 — 3 Comments

Cross your arms.

Now cross them the other way.  Did you have to think about it? Was it uncomfortable?

Most likely it did take some thought, and some intentional adjusting to be able to do it.  Brace yourselves, there will be a mindset shift for pretty much everyone come MoP. Continue Reading…

Welcome back!

Here we’re going to look at the third tier of talents for the typical 7/57/7 build Marksman hunter.

You’ll notice that there’s points in every single one of these talents — which may change based on your gear, so just keep that in mind.

Go for the Throat (1/2)

  • Rank 1 – Your ranged critical hits cause your pet to generate 25 Focus.
  • Rank 2 – Your ranged critical hits cause your pet to generate 50 Focus.

Why only one point here?  Well, remember, as a MM, you’re critting all the time.  Because of that, your pet has a constant flow of Focus that never seems to run out.  Generating 50 focus every crit you deliver would be a waste since you do crit so often.  Fido’s Focus dump ability has a cooldown on it, and you’re critting more frequently than that, so one point here is more than enough.

Improved Arcane Shot

  • Rank 1 – Increases the damage done by your Arcane Shot by 5%.
  • Rank 2 – Increases the damage done by your Arcane Shot by 10%.
  • Rank 3 – Increases the damage done by your Arcane Shot by 15%.

This talent is one that can be taken or left.  It all depends on how your gear plays out.  If you are chasing Armor Penetration, this is likely going to be 3 points you can move elsewhere.  Personally, I really like having it, despite chasing ArP because it gives me another instant shot with a short cooldown that hits like a Mack Truck when I’m moving.  Most end-game fights aren’t stand and DPS fights, so you may see some benefit to this talent.  If your Steady Shot is constantly hitting for more than your Arcane Shot, and you’re proficient with stutter-stepping to not miss auto-shots, then this talent can be skipped also.  Getting really proficient with stutter-stepping takes a lot of practice though, so keep that in mind if you decide to drop another instant shot from your rotation.  Good trade-offs for this talent are: Focused Aim if you’re low on hit, or Improved Barrage (more details on this later on in this series).

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